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This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto V, please see here.
For a more complete list of clothing featured in GTA Online, see Clothing in GTA Online; For clothing re-added from past updates, see Valentine's Day Massacre/Character Customization.

This page lists all Clothing in Grand Theft Auto Online added through the GTA Online: Be My Valentine update.

Female clothing

Valentines Formal Outfits

Image Name Price
FreemodeFemale-ValentinesFormalOutfits1-GTAO The Charm $21515
FreemodeFemale-ValentinesFormalOutfits2-GTAO The Paramour $19613
FreemodeFemale-ValentinesFormalOutfits3-GTAO The Love $23055
FreemodeFemale-ValentinesFormalOutfits4-GTAO The Blues $18528
FreemodeFemale-ValentinesFormalOutfits5-GTAO The Angelic $18231
FreemodeFemale-ValentinesFormalOutfits6-GTAO The Admirer $56094

Valentines Underwear Outfit

Image Name Price
FreemodeFemale-ValentinesUnderwearOutfits1-GTAO The Eros $12544
FreemodeFemale-ValentinesUnderwearOutfits2-GTAO The Siren $29934
FreemodeFemale-ValentinesUnderwearOutfits3-GTAO The Glamour $13380
FreemodeFemale-ValentinesUnderwearOutfits4-GTAO The Concubine $14223
FreemodeFemale-ValentinesUnderwearOutfits5-GTAO The Azure $83241
FreemodeFemale-ValentinesUnderwearOutfits6-GTAO The Femme $14278


Image Name Price
FreemodeFemale-Panties1-GTAO Red Silk Lace Panties $2780
FreemodeFemale-Panties2-GTAO Noir Lace Panties $3600
FreemodeFemale-Panties3-GTAO Tan Lace Panties $2450
FreemodeFemale-Panties4-GTAO Purple Lace Panties $2515
FreemodeFemale-Panties5-GTAO Scarlet Lace Panties $3090
FreemodeFemale-Panties6-GTAO Diva Lace Panties $2905
FreemodeFemale-Panties7-GTAO White Silk Lace Panties $2840
FreemodeFemale-Panties8-GTAO Crimson Lace Panties $3275
FreemodeFemale-Panties9-GTAO Blue Dot Silk Lace Panties $2975
FreemodeFemale-Panties10-GTAO Black Silk Lace Panties $2710
FreemodeFemale-Panties11-GTAO Lilac Silk Lace Panties $2645
FreemodeFemale-Panties12-GTAO Nude Silk Lace Panties $3035


Image Name Price
FreemodeFemale-Stockings1-GTAO Red Stripe Stockings $5680
FreemodeFemale-Stockings2-GTAO Black Leopard Stockings $6500
FreemodeFemale-Stockings3-GTAO Tan Stripe Stockings $5350
FreemodeFemale-Stockings4-GTAO Purple Stripe Stockings $5415
FreemodeFemale-Stockings5-GTAO Red Heart Stockings $5990
FreemodeFemale-Stockings6-GTAO Black Heart Stockings $5805
FreemodeFemale-Stockings7-GTAO White Heart Stockings $5740
FreemodeFemale-Stockings8-GTAO Red Leopard Stockings $6175
FreemodeFemale-Stockings9-GTAO Blue Dotted Stockings $5875
FreemodeFemale-Stockings10-GTAO Black Plaid Stockings $5610
FreemodeFemale-Stockings11-GTAO Lilac Plaid Stockings $5545
FreemodeFemale-Stockings12-GTAO Nude Stockings $5935


Image Name Price
FreemodeFemale-Bustiers17-GTAO Red Stripe Lace Bustier $6180
FreemodeFemale-Bustiers18-GTAO Black Leopard Lace Bustier $7000
FreemodeFemale-Bustiers19-GTAO Tan Stripe Lace Bustier $5850
FreemodeFemale-Bustiers20-GTAO Purple Stripe Lace Bustier $5915
FreemodeFemale-Bustiers21-GTAO Red Heart Lace Bustier $6490
FreemodeFemale-Bustiers22-GTAO Black Heart Lace Bustier $6305
FreemodeFemale-Bustiers23-GTAO White Heart Lace Bustier $6240
FreemodeFemale-Bustiers24-GTAO Red Leopard Lace Bustier $6675
FreemodeFemale-Bustiers25-GTAO Blue Dot Lace Bustier $6375
FreemodeFemale-Bustiers26-GTAO Black Plaid Lace Bustier $6110
FreemodeFemale-Bustiers27-GTAO Lilac Plaid Lace Bustier $6045
FreemodeFemale-Bustiers28-GTAO Nude Lace Bustier $6435


Image Name Price
FreemodeFemale-Dresses7-GTAO Red Beaded Dress $10000
FreemodeFemale-Dresses8-GTAO Black Beaded Dress $9965
FreemodeFemale-Dresses9-GTAO White Beaded Dress $9815
FreemodeFemale-Dresses10-GTAO Blue Column Dress $9525
FreemodeFemale-Dresses11-GTAO White Column Dress $9365
FreemodeFemale-Dresses12-GTAO Black Column Dress $9685
FreemodeFemale-Dresses13-GTAO Cream Vintage Dress $9200
FreemodeFemale-Dresses14-GTAO Green Vintage Dress $8985
FreemodeFemale-Dresses15-GTAO Red Vintage Dress $9185
FreemodeFemale-Dresses16-GTAO Blue Shimmer Dress $8940
FreemodeFemale-Dresses17-GTAO Gold Shimmer Dress $8995
FreemodeFemale-Dresses18-GTAO Brown Shimmer Dress $8770
FreemodeFemale-Dresses19-GTAO Cream Embroidered Dress $8365
FreemodeFemale-Dresses20-GTAO Gold Embroidered Dress $8400
FreemodeFemale-Dresses21-GTAO Blue Embroidered Dress $8215

High Heels

Image Name Price
FreemodeFemale-HighHeels49-GTAO Red Sparkle Rounded Heels $2680
FreemodeFemale-HighHeels50-GTAO Leopard Rounded Heels $3500
FreemodeFemale-HighHeels51-GTAO Cream Rounded Heels $1350
FreemodeFemale-HighHeels52-GTAO Lilac Rounded Heels $1415
FreemodeFemale-HighHeels53-GTAO Crimson Rounded Heels $1990
FreemodeFemale-HighHeels54-GTAO Pink Rounded Heels $1805
FreemodeFemale-HighHeels55-GTAO Hot Pink Rounded Heels $2340
FreemodeFemale-HighHeels56-GTAO Red Rounded Heels $2175
FreemodeFemale-HighHeels57-GTAO Blue Rounded Heels $1875
FreemodeFemale-HighHeels58-GTAO Black Rounded Heels $1610
FreemodeFemale-HighHeels59-GTAO Purple Rounded Heels $1545
FreemodeFemale-HighHeels60-GTAO Nude Rounded Heels $1935

Male clothing

Valentines Formal Outfits

Image Name Price
FreemodeMale-ValentinesFormalOutfits1-GTAO The Amore $19019
FreemodeMale-ValentinesFormalOutfits2-GTAO The Suave $18172
FreemodeMale-ValentinesFormalOutfits3-GTAO The Romeo $19921
FreemodeMale-ValentinesFormalOutfits4-GTAO The Suitor $14234
FreemodeMale-ValentinesFormalOutfits5-GTAO The Beau $18117
FreemodeMale-ValentinesFormalOutfits6-GTAO The Dapper $15360

Valentines Underwear

Image Name Price
FreemodeMale-ValentinesUnderwearOutfits1-GTAO The Leopard $4873
FreemodeMale-ValentinesUnderwearOutfits2-GTAO The Romantic $1705
FreemodeMale-ValentinesUnderwearOutfits3-GTAO The Brave $4510
FreemodeMale-ValentinesUnderwearOutfits4-GTAO The Relaxed $1017
FreemodeMale-ValentinesUnderwearOutfits5-GTAO The Hunk $8106
FreemodeMale-ValentinesUnderwearOutfits6-GTAO The Macho $13090


Image Name Price
FreemodeMale-Shorts64-GTAO Lilac Plaid Boxer Shorts $2075
FreemodeMale-Shorts65-GTAO Red Plaid Boxer Shorts $2100
FreemodeMale-Shorts66-GTAO Blue Dot Boxer Shorts $1840
FreemodeMale-Shorts67-GTAO Red Stripe Boxer Shorts $1950
FreemodeMale-Shorts68-GTAO Black Leopard Boxer Shorts $2500
FreemodeMale-Shorts69-GTAO Tan Stripe Boxer Shorts $1745
FreemodeMale-Shorts70-GTAO Purple Stripe Boxer Shorts $1780
FreemodeMale-Shorts71-GTAO Red Heart Boxer Shorts $1550
FreemodeMale-Shorts72-GTAO Black Heart Boxer Shorts $1495
FreemodeMale-Shorts73-GTAO White Heart Boxer Shorts $1450
FreemodeMale-Shorts74-GTAO Red Leopard Boxer Shorts $2430
FreemodeMale-Shorts75-GTAO Gray Boxer Shorts $925
FreemodeMale-Shorts76-GTAO Black Boxer Shorts $1200
FreemodeMale-Shorts77-GTAO White Boxer Shorts $900

Suit Pants

Image Name Price
FreemodeMale-SuitPants53-GTAO Royal Check Suit Pants $1320
FreemodeMale-SuitPants54-GTAO Beige Check Suit Pants $2450
FreemodeMale-SuitPants55-GTAO Classic Check Suit Pants $1615
FreemodeMale-SuitPants56-GTAO Crimson Check Suit Pants $1350
FreemodeMale-SuitPants57-GTAO Mustard Pinstripe Suit Pants $2560
FreemodeMale-SuitPants58-GTAO Chocolate Check Suit Pants $1740
FreemodeMale-SuitPants59-GTAO Sky Check Suit Pants $1285
FreemodeMale-SuitPants60-GTAO Gray Check Suit Pants $1630
FreemodeMale-SuitPants61-GTAO Purple Check Suit Pants $1075
FreemodeMale-SuitPants62-GTAO Dusk Check Suit Pants $1950
FreemodeMale-SuitPants63-GTAO Red Pinstripe Suit Pants $2200
FreemodeMale-SuitPants64-GTAO Blue Check Suit Pants $1580

Suit Jackets

Image Name Price
FreemodeMale-SuitJackets52-GTAO Royal Check Double Suit $5920
FreemodeMale-SuitJackets53-GTAO Beige Check Double Suit $7050
FreemodeMale-SuitJackets54-GTAO Classic Check Double Suit $6215
FreemodeMale-SuitJackets55-GTAO Crimson Check Double Suit $5950
FreemodeMale-SuitJackets56-GTAO Mustard Pinstripe Double Suit $7160
FreemodeMale-SuitJackets57-GTAO Chocolate Check Double Suit $6340
FreemodeMale-SuitJackets58-GTAO Sky Check Double Suit $5885
FreemodeMale-SuitJackets59-GTAO Gray Check Double Suit $6230
FreemodeMale-SuitJackets60-GTAO Purple Check Double Suit $5575
FreemodeMale-SuitJackets61-GTAO Dusk Check Double Suit $6550
FreemodeMale-SuitJackets62-GTAO Red Pinstripe Double Suit $6800
FreemodeMale-SuitJackets63-GTAO Blue Check Double Suit $6180


Image Name Price
FreemodeMale-Vests17-GTAO Royal Check Suit Vest $2970
FreemodeMale-Vests18-GTAO Beige Check Suit Vest $4100
FreemodeMale-Vests19-GTAO Classic Check Suit Vest $3265
FreemodeMale-Vests20-GTAO Crimson Check Suit Vest $3000
FreemodeMale-Vests21-GTAO Chocolate Check Suit Vest $3390
FreemodeMale-Vests22-GTAO Sky Check Suit Vest $2935
FreemodeMale-Vests23-GTAO Gray Check Suit Vest $3280
FreemodeMale-Vests24-GTAO Purple Check Suit Vest $2625
FreemodeMale-Vests25-GTAO Dusk Check Suit Vest $3600
FreemodeMale-Vests26-GTAO Red Pinstripe Suit Vest $3850
FreemodeMale-Vests27-GTAO Blue Check Suit Vest $3230


Image Name Price
FreemodeMale-Fedoras9-GTAO Royal Suit Fedora $4120
FreemodeMale-Fedoras10-GTAO Beige Check Suit Fedora $5250
FreemodeMale-Fedoras11-GTAO Classic Check Suit Fedora $4415
FreemodeMale-Fedoras12-GTAO Crimson Check Suit Fedora $4150
FreemodeMale-Fedoras13-GTAO Mustard Suit Fedora $5360
FreemodeMale-Fedoras14-GTAO Chocolate Suit Fedora $4540
FreemodeMale-Fedoras15-GTAO Sky Check Suit Fedora $4085
FreemodeMale-Fedoras16-GTAO White Suit Fedora $4430
FreemodeMale-Fedoras17-GTAO Black Suit Fedora $3875
FreemodeMale-Fedoras18-GTAO Dusk Check Suit Fedora $4750
FreemodeMale-Fedoras19-GTAO Red Suit Fedora $5000
FreemodeMale-Fedoras20-GTAO Blue Check Suit Fedora $4380


Image Name Price
Black Full Bowtie $2000