The players Statistics in GTA IV include:


Game progress progress towards 100% completion
Missions passed
Missions failed
Missions attempted
Replays used
Current money
Times busted Please see Busted
Times died please see Wasted
People killed People killed in cutscenes (including Executions) do not count towards this. People that die by bleeding out on the ground (except enemies scripted in the missions) do not count either.
Saves made
Playing time
Addiction Level Please see Addiction Level
Longest non-stop game
Favorite Radio Station please see Radio Stations in GTA IV
Least favorite station
Times cheated Please see Cheats in GTA IV
Days passed
Roman like How much Roman Bellic likes Niko.
Roman respect
Roman mission progress Missions provided by Roman Bellic.
Jacob like
Jacob respect
Jacob mission progress
Faustin mission progress
Manny mission progress
Elizabeta mission progress
Dwayne like
Dwayne respect
Dwayne mission progress
Brucie like
Brucie respect
Brucie mission progress
Playboy mission progress
Francis mission progress
U.L.P.C. mission progress
Packie like
Packie respect
Packie mission progress
Ray mission progress
Gerry mission progress
Derrick mission progress
Bernie mission progress
Bell mission progress
Gambetti mission progress
Jimmy mission progress


Cars stolen Only vehicles that are locked or being driven by NPC's count towards this. Mission spawns do not.
Bikes stolen
Boats stolen
Helicopters stolen
Time wanted on 6 stars Please see Wanted Level
Stars attained
Stars evaded Stars lost upon dying or entering a safehouse do not count.
Longest cop chase
Last cop chase The length of the last police chase the player was involved in.
People run down People hit by Niko while driving. Pedestrians hit by a driver of a vehicle in which Niko is only the passenger also count towards this (taxis and the subway).
Kills since last save See above "People killed"
Fires started
Criminals killed A vague term; includes Vigilante targets and enemies during some missions.


Favorite transport The player's most often used mode of transport.
Favorite car
Favorite bike
Favorite boat
Favorite helicopter
Miles on foot
Miles by car
Miles swam
Miles by bike
Miles by helicopter
Miles by boat
Miles by train
Miles as taxi passenger
Miles travelled
Player image Please see Player Image
Favorite car color
Bike/Car Average speed
Longest 2wheel stunt
Longest bike stoppie
Longest bike wheelie Please see Wheelie
Farthest jump distance
Highest jump reached
Flips done in a vehicle
Most vehicle air spins
Air launches
Helicopter tours taken Please see Higgins Helitours
Taxis hailed
Stunt jumps found (total 50) Please see Stunt jump
Stunt jumps completed
Pay 'n' Spray visits


Spent buying clothes Please see Clothes in GTA IV
Spent on Pay 'n' Spray
Made from missions
Spent in bars & clubs
Spent on prostitutes Please see Prostitutes
Spent in strip clubs Please see Strip club
Spent on food
Spent on taxis
Made from street races ($500/win) Please see Brucie's Races
Spent on health care
Given to tramps Please see Tramps
Spent on vendors
Spent on binoculars
Spent in gun shop Please see Underground Gun Shops
Spent on dates Please see Girlfriends in GTA IV
Most spent on a date
Picked up on street


Time spent in the water
Michelle fondness
Carmen Ortiz fondness
Alex Chilton fondness
Kiki Jenkins fondness
Kate fondness
Time spent shopping
Favorite shop
Times got drunk Please see Drunk
Number of Taxi Fares completed Roman's side mission - maximum 10
Number of bridges flown under max 14, which earns the trophy/achievement "under the radar"
Longest free fall
First aid collected health pickups


Bullets fired Includes bullets fired in cutscenes.
Kills by headshots
Melee kills
Armed kills
Time spent in cover
Successful counters
Player died by melee
Player shot to death
Player was blown up
Player was roadkill
Vehicles blown up Vehicles counts even not blow up by Niko.
Cars exploded
Bikes exploded
Boats exploded
Helicopters exploded
Shooting accuracy
Kills % in free aim
Kills with Baseball bat
Kills with Knife
Kills with Pistol
Kills with Combat Pistol
Kills with Micro-SMG
Kills with SMG
Kills with Assault Rifle
Kills with Carbine Rifle
Kills with Pump Shotgun
Kills with Combat Shotgun
Kills with Grenade
Kills with Molotov
Kills with RPG
Kills with Combat Sniper
Kills with Sniper Rifle
Tires popped by gunshot
Weapons picked up


Pool wins
Pool defeats
Pool played time
Pool clearances from break tip: pot the 8-ball on the break
Darts wins
Darts defeats
Darts 180's hit
Darts bullseye
Darts time played
Darts shortest checkout Minimum 6
Bowling high score
Bowling wins
Bowling draws
Bowling defeats
Bowling spares
Bowling perfects
Bowling strikes
Bowling time played
Number of Races Lost
Number of Races won
Total race time
South Broker wins
South Broker race
South Broker record
Airport Run wins
Airport Run races
Airport Run record
Dukes Boulevard wins
Dukes Boulevard races
Dukes Boulevard record
South Algonquin wins
South Algonquin races
South Algonquin record
Star Junction wins
Star Junction races
Star Junction record
Road to Bohan wins
Road to Bohan races
Road to Bohan record
North Alderney wins
North Alderney races
North Alderney record
Elevated wins
Elevated races
Elevated record
South Alderney wins
South Alderney races
South Alderney record
QUB3D high score
Boating destinations Brucie's powerboat activity.
Boating time
Heli ride destinations Brucie's helicopter ride.
Heli ride time
Activities with Roman
Activities with Jacob
Activities with Brucie
Activities with Packie
Activities with Dwayne
Favorite activity
Niko and Roman hangout
Niko and Jacob hangout'
Niko and Brucie hangout
Niko and Dwayne hangout
Niko and Packie hangout
Island unlocked max. 3
Vigilante levels done
Most wanted completed
Pigeons exterminated
Drug packages delivered Little Jacob's side missions.
Number of Exotic Exports done
Cars sold to Stevie
Random characters met


Time spent on internet
Emails received
Emails sent
Calls made from phone
Calls received on phone
Time spent calling
Texts received
Photo taken
Total dates
Successful dates
Bad dates
Scored with girl
Girls dumped
Prostitute visits
Tramps given money to
Meals eaten
Hotdogs eaten
Burgers eaten
Nuts eaten
Binoculars watched
Cutscenes watched
Soda drunk
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