The G4 Bank Van is an armored vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 2.


Grand Theft Auto 2

The G4 Bank Van is apparently an armored van implied to be used by banks to transport valuable goods, and as such, appears with a heavy truck-like construction with a well encased rear cargo compartment. The vehicles comes in only two colors in game: blue or green.


Grand Theft Auto 2

Being bulky, the G4 Bank Van's performance is less than impressive, with a low top speed but an average acceleration to compensate and a wide turning radius. However, as an armored vehicle, the G4 Bank Van can sustain a higher-than-usual amount of gunfire, and is even known to survive two direct Rocket Launcher hits if still in perfect condition. Being too large, the G4 Bank Van cannot be crushed.

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Grand Theft Auto 2



  • The name of the armored van is suggestively named after real-life security firm Group 4, which later merged with another security firm in 2004. The Securicar, the G4 Bank Van's successor, is also named as such for similar reasons.

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