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Tommy Vercetti: "I was thinking, we need some kind of big stunt to really promote the launch. Something that will make a real impact on the City - you got any ideas?"
Steve Scott: "Well, in the old days they used to have gala events, stars, limos, the night sky crisscrossed with searchlights..."
Tommy Vercetti: "Searchlights! I've got an idea..."
Tommy Vercetti finds a way to promote Candy Suxxx's new movie.

G-Spotlight is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by film director Steve Scott from the InterGlobal Films Studio in Prawn Island, Vice City.


To help promote the launch of the new film, the studio needs a big stunt. Steve reminisces how back in the day there were gala events, limos and searchlights. Tommy thinks of an idea and needs to find a big searchlight Downtown and adjusts it to reflect an image to a building across the road. Tommy runs to the guard booth and hops onto a PCJ-600, and drives towards an office building in Downtown. He drives up the stairs to the lower floor, and enters the elevator there. There will be a small cutscene and then Tommy drives through the window, keeping towards the right edge (towards the man standing in front of the window) and follows the blips until he reaches the searchlight. He hops off the bike, walk to towards the spotlight and enters another light inside and shines it on a building, showing a picture of Candy Suxxx's breasts with the name Suxxx underneath them.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go Downtown and adjust the spotlight on top of the building.
    • A fast bike will be needed to jump from roof to roof. The Security Guard usually drives a PCJ 600 to work...
    • You will need to get onto the roofs of the buildings. There should be a lift into one of the upper offices...
  • Smash through the window to start the course. You have until 07:00 before it gets too light to to get up there unseen.


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  • The name of the mission is a reference to the slang term "G-spot".
  • In the cutscene inside the elevator, a comical flatulent noise can be heard.
  • G-Spotlight, Politics and Scouting the Port are the only missions in the Grand Theft Auto series to feature nudity, as this mission includes a woman's breasts (the Candy Suxxx spotlight display). Furthermore, during the intro cutscene, Candy's "bung-hole" can also be seen.
  • This is the only time the Vercetti gang and the security guards are not hostile to each other.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, the breasts on the "breasts poster" were removed to comply with that country's sex laws. This does not apply to the 10th Anniversary Edition.
  • Sometimes, when entering the office's elevator, if the player presses the gas button just before the "entering cut scene", there is a good chance Tommy will gun the bike and keep on going, bouncing around in the elevator during the "riding up" cut scene. However, once the correct floor is reached, Tommy will exit in the normal way.
  • If the player has to go back up to the office after starting the course, they will have to crash through the window again, which might be considered odd as the window had already been smashed once before.
  • The office where the player first enters the elevator to go up to the correct floor to begin the check point sprint is also a pick up point for some of the R3 missions, especially Paramedic. If this happens, it makes the R3 mission impossible to complete since the stair ramps that lead up to the office is meant for bikes only, not heavy ponderous vehicles such as the ambulance.
  • It is possible to use the Sanchez in this mission. This bike is less durable than the PCJ-600 so on the last jump it can start burning. The Freeway and the Angel can be used too, but they will not survive many jumps, so it's impossible to finish this mission on a single bike. The Pizza Boy and the Faggio theoretically can be used but they are unable to perform first jump.
  • This mission can also be completed by using the nearby Police Maverick or VCN Maverick instead of a bike.