"Taking jazz to the next level with these fusion gems."
―GTA IV Website

Fusion FM is radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV that plays Jazz-Funk and Jazz Fusion.


The station is hosted by is hosted by musician Roy Ayers. It does not appear in Episodes from Liberty City and is instead replaced by Self-Actualization FM.

In Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition, Fusion FM, along with all other GTA IV exclusive radio stations, appears in The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

This is Little Jacob's least favorite radio station.


Song: Preview:
"The Edge" by David McCallum (1967)
"Heavy Tune" by Gong (1978)
"Funk in the Hole" by Roy Ayers (2005)
"Holy Thursday" by David Axelrod (1968)
"Knucklehead" by Grover Washington, Jr. (1975)
"Pokusa" by Aleksander Maliszewski (1975)
Not available on Spotify.
"Raisins" by Ryo Kawasaki (1976)
Not available on Spotify.
"Stomp" by Marc Moulin (1974)
"Stratus" by Billy Cobham (1973)
"Sneakin' in the Back" by Tom Scott & The L.A. Express (1974)


  • "Pokusa" by Aleksander Maliszewski is featured in Phil Bell's character trailer.



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