"Taking jazz to the next level with these fusion gems."
— GTA IV Website

Fusion FM is a Jazz Fusion radio station which appears in Grand Theft Auto IV and is hosted by musician Roy Ayers.

The station does not appear in Episodes from Liberty City and is instead replaced by Self-Actualization FM.



  • When asking the driver to put on Fusion FM in a Taxi, Niko Bellic may sometimes refer to the station as "Acid Jazz".
  • This is Little Jacob's least favorite radio station.
  • "Pokusa" by Aleksander Maliszewski is featured in Phil Bell's character trailer.
  • Most of the songs featured were sampled in many hip-hop songs, such as: David McCallum's "The Edge" which was sampled in Dr. Dre's song " The Next Episode", and Grover Washington Jr.'s "Knucklehead" which was sampled in King Tee's song "Played Like A Piano", both of which can be heard on West Coast Classics in GTA V. Also, Tom Scott & The L.A. Express' "Sneakin' in the Back" was sampled in "Alwayz into Somethin" by N.W.A., which can be heard on Radio Los Santos in GTA San Andreas.

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