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Fully Loaded is a VIP Work featured in Grand Theft Auto Online, added as part of the GTA Online: Import/Export.


When Fully Loaded is activated in the Interaction Menu, a Ruiner 2000 will spawn at a semi-random location based on the CEO's location. Once the player enters the vehicle, the VIP work will start, revealing the location several targets on the map. These targets will spawn depending on the CEO's location. If said CEO in in Los Santos, they will spawn mostly within the city limits. If started in Blaine County, they will spawn there, and will often be quite spread out, making the work more difficult. Targets in Los Santos will be Turreted Limos, while targets in Blaine County will be Technicals.

All other players in session are notified and given the targets locations when the Organisation either enters the Ruiner 2000 or 3 minutes pass from when it was started.


  • Have atleast 1 player remain in the Ruiner 2000, as the targets will only remain on the map if the car has a driver.
  • Have the remaining Associates using a weaponized aircraft of their choice, such as a Buzzard Attack Chopper, Savage, or Hydra. They can simply lock onto the targets and destroy them with missiles, as the target vehicles only take 2 explosions.
  • Be reckless while driving the Ruiner 2000. Despite how easily one could blow themselves up in the car normally, the one spawned for this work is absurdly durable and has infinite missiles. (An incident I had proved that the Ruiner can tank so many missiles that vehicles with limited ammo often run out before doing more than breaking the windows.)
  • Use the Ruiner 2000's jump and parachute abilities often, as to help avoid getting shot. While the car itself is borderline indestructible, it has large windows that offer no protection from bullets.
  • If you do somehow manage to destroy the Ruiner 2000, say via driving into the sea, another will spawn somewhere nearby, and the targets will vanish from the map until the new car is entered.
  • You can drive the target vehicles, and the NPC gunner will fire upon attackers. Try to drive as far away from the Ruiner 2000 as possible, and watch the skies for aircraft. Ducking into tunnels can be done to avoid being blasted by a pursing Hydra or attack chopper.
  • If the Ruiner 2000 comes after you, which will appear as a large Ruiner 2000 icon on the map, continue putting as much distance between you and the car as possible, and drive as straight as you can to maintain speed. The Ruiner 2000 will be faster than you, and eventually will catch up, when this happens, try to put buildings between you and the car, as to avoid the homing missiles.
  • Find a way to get the NPC gunner off the Turret and away from the vehicle, by, say, taking a jump and rolling the vehicle midair, then leaving it somewhere hard to get to via car. The Ruiner 2000 locks onto the NPC gunner, not the target vehicle itself, so removing said NPC means the Ruiner will take longer to destroy it. Keep in mind you mustn't stay in the vehicle, as the car can still lock onto it if you are in it.
  • The majority of players are better at using a mounted gun than any NPC. Get a friend in the gunner seat to make use of it if you are planning on taking the target and running.
  • Don't attempt to engage the Ruiner 2000. While the driver can be killed, the car itself is, as stated above, almost indestructible. The Ruiner 2000 also has what are likely the most accurate and dangerous missiles on any vehicle, and almost never miss, plus the Ruiner 2000 spawned for the work has unlimited ammo, as a result having the car get too close is a death sentence, and dodging the missiles is near impossible.
  • Other players can enter the Ruiner 2000. However, it can still reveal the vehicles to the organization. Avoid entering the Ruiner 2000 to keep the vehicles off the radar.


  • The name of the mission could be a reference to the comedy film Herbie: Fully Loaded, where K.I.T.T. (the vehicle Ruiner 2000 is based on) made a cameo appearance.
  • This VIP work can be done solo, although doing so is rather difficult and even more difficult if done in Blaine County.
  • The Ruiner 2000 spawned for this mission is incredibly durable, and possesses infinite missiles, instead of having only 8 missiles like normally.
  • The Technicals that spawn are also more durable than usual, sharing their durability with the armoured limos.
  • This is the only VIP work that does not fail if the SecuroServ vehicle is destroyed, as it will spawn a new one nearby, should the Ruiner 2000 be destroyed.