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Fully Loaded is a VIP Work mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Import/Export update, released on December 13, 2016.


Once Fully Loaded is started, a Ruiner 2000 will spawn at a semi-random location. This mission variant of the car has unlimited rockets. When an organisation member enters the vehicle, the mission starts. The players have to destroy ten turreted vehicles scattered across a part of the map.

All of the target vehicles will spawn in the half of the map the mission was started in - either in Los Santos or the countryside. The targets in the city are Turreted Limos, while the targets in the countryside are Technicals.

There are a total of forty possible locations for the targets to spawn at, twenty in the city and the same amount in the countryside. When the mission starts, ten will randomly be selected from the twenty available in that part of the map. All locations can be seen in the gallery below.

All other players in the session are notified and given the targets' locations when the organisation either enters the Ruiner 2000 or 3 minutes pass from when the mission was started. They are tasked with protecting the turreted vehicles until time runs out.

Even though the Ruiner 2000 provided for this mission is a lot more durable than the regular version, it can still be destroyed. If this happens, another will spawn nearby.

The organisation successfully completes the mission if all ten vehicles are destroyed. They lose if the time runs out before they can destroy all vehicles.


  • Organisation members not driving the Ruiner 2000 can use a weaponized aircraft of their choice, such as a Buzzard Attack Chopper, Savage, or Hydra. They can simply lock onto the targets and destroy them with missiles, as the target vehicles only take 2 explosions.
  • The Ruiner 2000's jump and parachute abilities should be used often to avoid gunfire from the target vehicles' turrets, as well as to take shortcuts.
  • The target vehicles can be driven away from their original positions, and the NPC gunner will fire upon attackers. They can be driven as far away from the Ruiner 2000 as possible. Driving these into tunnels also prevents aircraft from destroying them.
  • As missiles only lock onto the gunner on the turret and not the vehicle itself, the gunner can be knocked off and the vehicle can be driven to a location that is hard for missiles to destroy it.
  • The Ruiner 2000 should not be engaged as it is nearly indestructible.


Los Santos locations

Countryside locations


  • The name of the mission could be a reference to the comedy film Herbie: Fully Loaded, where K.I.T.T. (the vehicle the Ruiner 2000 is based on) made a cameo appearance.
  • The Technicals that spawn are more durable than usual, being able to take a single rocket without exploding.
  • This is the only VIP work that does not fail if the SecuroServ vehicle is destroyed, as it will spawn a new one nearby.


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