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Fukaru (Japanese: フカル) is a Japanese automotive-based manufacturer featured in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Fukaru makes several different products ranging from NOS bottles, tires and lights. Fukaru appears to be based on the real life companies Yokohama Rubber Company and Piaa.

Several vehicles with fog lights customization or Blue NOS bottles inside usually feature Fukaru logos on them. The ZR380 line of cars has Fukaru tires by default.

The company appears on multiple car liveries as a sponsor from various manufacturers, such as Karin and its performance division, Karin Racing Auto Performance.



  • The company's name is intended to sound like "fuck you" if spoken in a mock Japanese accent. The word itself could be a derivative of either "深める (ふかめる)" or "深まる (ふかまる)", both meaning "deepen", but varied by transition usage.

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