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Have you seen the prototype in the demo room? When Norris unveils it at the keynote, minds are gonna blow!
Rickie Lukens discussing the Lifeinvader mobile device with Michael

Friend Request is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Michael De Santa by Lester Crest.


With Michael now owing $2,500,000 to Martin Madrazo for his mistress' house, he visits the home of an old friend named Lester Crest. After being let in, the two briefly catch up before Lester receives an alert about Lifeinvader founder Jay Norris. He throws Michael a backpack containing an explosive device, and asks him to buy some "youthful" clothing at the SubUrban on Power Street; if Michael approaches the store without any money, Lester will give the player $200 to buy the outfit. After this, Lester gives him instructions to infiltrate the Lifeinvader Office and plant the device in their latest prototype phone.

Once at the Lifeinvader offices, Michael waits at the back entrance as a programmer walks outside for his cigarette break and lets him in. He mistakes Michael for a tech support agent and asks Michael to remove a number of pornography pop-ups from his computer and install some anti-virus software. After this is done, he mentions that the prototype is in the demo room; Michael finds it, plants the explosive inside it, and leaves.

Michael lets Lester know that he's rigged the phone and heading home to watch Norris reveal the prototype at a keynote on TV, and they debate Michael's favorite entertainment, classic Vinewood movies. When he gets home, he kicks Tracey - who was watching Fame or Shame - out of the living room, and switches over to Weazel News to watch the event broadcast live. Waiting until Norris reveals the phone, Michael dials the number. Once Norris answers, confused at the unexpected call, the phone explodes and kills him instantly to the crowd's shock and horror. An official waves to the camera crew to stop broadcasting and the signal feed goes dead. Michael is taken by surprise at the force of the detonation.

Michael calls Lester, who says the incident has generated a huge profit for him on the stock market, and agrees to help Michael. He also sends a text with a link to the in-game stock market for Michael to later browse at his leisure.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to the Suburban store in Vinewood.
  • Go to the Lifeinvader offices.
  • Go to the rear entrance.
  • Follow the programmer.
  • Close the popups to reveal the antivirus shortcut.
  • Run the antivirus software.
  • Rig the prototype.
  • Exit the building.
  • Watch the keynote at Michael's house.
  • Wait for Jay Norris to pull out the prototype phone and then give him a call.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time - Complete within 08:30.
    • Skip the cutscenes.
    • Take the backdoor again while leaving. This will allow Michael to start running earlier.
  • Popups Clear - Clear all popups within 32 seconds.
    • Move as fast as possible. Otherwise activate Michael's ability before the cutscene triggers, this will slow down time allowing the player to clear the popups in less time.
      • When clearing the popups, you won't be able to see Michael's ability, however after finishing the mission it will show that you cleared the popups in a shorter amount of time.
    • Don't bother trying to start up the anti-virus software until all pop-ups have been closed as it won't work.


  • Jay Norris - Killed by the explosion of the prototype phone during the Lifeinvader event.


Michael arrives at Lester Crest's house in Murrieta Heights. He knocks at the door, but hears no response. A surveillance camera shows Michael flipping Lester off with both hands.
Michael: Fuck you, Lester. You gotta let me in or what?
(Voice only):
Gimme a minute.
Lester opens the door to his house. Michael enters the house and greets Lester in his living room.
Lester: I was wondering when you'd show up.
Michael: I was dead.
Lester: Praise be! I guess you weren't very dead. You...need my help.
Michael: How do you know?
Lester: 'Cause you came here. Why else would you?
Michael: I haven't been a good friend for you, Lester. I know that.
Lester: And you're gonna make it up to me by doing whatever I ask. Or rather, I-I mean... I need something done, you need to know something, so, why not help each other?
Michael: I gotta make some dough.
Lester: So you're back in the game?
Michael: I guess. Look, Lester, about what happened before...
Lester: I know you never mentioned my name. I know I'm not on any lists anywhere, I know you never betrayed me. As for you, you gotta figure that I never told anyone, that instead of gently decomposing in North Yankton, you're angrily decomposing in Los Santos with a shrink...and a wife who don't love you no more.
Michael: Yeah...yeah, well. Since you put it like that...
Lester: Hey, shut up a minute, I'm getting an EyeFind alert. That little college boy, sack of shit, phony fuck!
Michael: Who? Jay Norris?
Lester: Yes. That fuck is a lying bastard, I've read his fucking emails, he's a fucking cheat.
Michael: I-I-I heard him say that he saved America...
Lester: What, by outsourcing all the jobs?! By selling us little bits of plastic, restricted-access shit? Well now it's payback time, you lying turd.
Michael: The hell are you talkin' about?
Lester: You are about to get that white collar gig that you've always dreamed of, Mikey.
Lester gives Michael a backpack.
Lester: Here, that this err, fashionably retro, 'weird-for-a-45-year-old-man-but-I-cannot-let-go-of-the-1980s' bag, and dress yourself up like a billionaire math genius with low-level Asperger's. You better be ready for the minor glitch of your repulsive pseudo-messianic life.
Michael: Okay, Lester...
Lester: Get out of here! Call me when you're ready. We're about to put the Darwinism back in social Darwinism, and brother, it's gonna be fun.
Michael: You fuckin' kiddin' me? I'm a bank robber, not a web designer.
Lester: So, we'll go robbing...soon. I'll find something. Just like the old days.
As Lester uses an inhaler, Michael leaves his house and heads to the Sub Urban clothing store in Alta.
NOTE: The following text message will only appear if Michael doesn't have enough money to buy the required clothes.
(Text only):
Seein as you're having some liquidity problems, I wired some money into your account. Should be enough 4 the getup.
Michael: Ah, excuse me. I got this interview with this tech company. I'm thinking I need something, I don't know...geeky, youthful.
Sub Urban Clerk: Lost your job and the world's moved on, huh? That's too bad.
Michael: I didn't lose my job.
Sub Urban Clerk: Of course. Got too old, got outsourced. Same thing happened to my dad. Now you gotta fit in with a different generation. What about...a vest and some cargo shorts?
Michael: Alright.
Michael purchases a vest and cargo shorts as part of his disguise.
Sub Urban Clerk:
  • Tragic, but they'll do.
  • Dignity aside, I think that just might work.
Sub Urban Clerk: Good luck at the interview.
Michael: (not in subtitles) Bye.
Michael heads to the Lifeinvader Office in Rockford Hills. Along the way, he calls Lester.
(Voice only):
Michael: I'm all dressed up. Now, you wanna run me through this thing?
(Voice only):
The prototype is somewhere in the Lifeinvader office. Find it, and fit it with the device in your bag.
Michael: They just gonna let me in?
(Voice only):
Why wouldn't they, if you look the part? Hang around till someone opens the door and act entitled.
Michael: Fine.
NOTE: The following text will appear if Michael hangs up on Lester.
(Text only):
Blend in with the hipster developer d bags, find the prototype, and fit it with the device in ur bag.
Michael arrives at the Lifeinvader offices and hangs around the rear entrance to have a smoke. Rickie Lukens exits the offices.
Michael: Hey.
Rickie: Hey.
Michael lights Rickie's cigarette, then lights his own.
Rickie: Oh, great. PM's pushing for more functionality, (chuckles) but we are maxed. I mean, if anything, we have to strip features, especially if we're planning on releasing a fully priced update a year later. Oh, know, it's all this...
Michael: Yeah, well, you know, you gotta do what you gotta do. You know?
Rickie: Err, I mean, we're talking beta in Q4, maybe Q3. Look, milestones are one thing, but when design is changing its mind seemingly overnight, there's not much you can do about know what I'm saying?
Michael: Look, (sigh) my Union-allocated smoke break's about up, so...
Rickie: Wait a minute, do I know you?
Michael: Yeah, I think so.
Rickie: I-I-IT temp, right?
Michael: Yeah.
Rickie: You know, you gotta do something for me.
Michael: Ah, you gotta put it in a ticket.
Rickie: Err, no. I'd like to keep this one out of the database, if you know what I mean?
Rickie and Michael enter the Lifeinvader offices.
Rickie: I'm turning consultant when we release - consulting consulters.
Rickie leads Michael to his computer on the second floor, which is riddled with pop-up ads.
Rickie: Here you go. If you guys let me use the OS I requested, this wouldn't be a problem.
Michael sits down at Rickie's desk and starts closing the pop-ups.
Michael: Ah, you've been at it on this PC. Huh, got any antivirus software?
Rickie: I think so. Behind this junk, on the left. Clicked an NSFW link, bro, bit me on the ass.
Michael: Yeah, not safe for work, uh-huh. You know, my son's computer runs into the same kind of problems. I'll close the pop-ups, see what I can do.
Michael launches the AntEater anti-virus program.
  • There it goes.
  • Scanning...
The anti-virus program scans the computer and gets rid of all the pop-up ads.
Michael: And that should do it. Why don't you try and keep things strictly "safe for work" from now on?
Rickie approaches Michael while playing air guitar.
Rickie: Hey, have you seen the prototype in the demo room? When Norris unveils it at the keynote, minds are gonna blow!
Michael: Yes, they are.
Michael heads to the demo room and finds a briefcase containing the Lifeinvader Phone prototype.
Michael: Ah, good.
Michael removes Lester's device from the backpack and puts it into the phone prototype.
Michael: Oh, nice.
Michael puts the prototype back into the briefcase and leaves the demo room.
  • Dude, when it blue screens again, you're my guy.
  • Making history, dude. Hey, and we couldn't do it without the little guys!
Michael: (not in subtitles) Bye now.
Michael leaves the Lifeinvader office and heads back home to watch the keynote. Along the way, he calls Lester.
(Voice only):
Hey, Michael, hold on, hold on...domed! I domed ya!
Michael: Lester? The thing's in the prototype, I'm going home to watch the keynote.
(Voice only):
Teabag time, my friend!
Michael: Lester, did you hear me? Are you playing that game?
(Voice only):
Yeah, yeah, sorry, phone is rigged. What's your problem, you don't like shooters?
Michael: They're all the same. Besides, you know me, I'm a movie guy. Classic Vinewood.
(Voice only):
Classic Vinewood ended 30 years ago. Now, it's just superheroes, romantic comedies and remakes, none of which interest me.
Michael: Hey, I believe this country can still make interesting movies. There's no better way to define American life than a two-hour plot in which the hero looks good and defeats evil.
(Voice only):
Ah, whatever you say...enjoy yesterday. Anyway, just call the device after he's unveiled it, and then we'll talk.
Once Michael gets home, he finds his daughter, Tracey, watching Fame or Shame in the lounge.
Tracey: (chuckles) Oh my God, you guys are so lame!
Michael: Out.
Tracey: No, I'm watching Fame or Shame!
Michael: Tough fucking tits! Gimme that...
Tracey: No, no!
Michael snatches the remote from Tracey, who then leaves the lounge, roaring in frustration. Michael then changes the TV channel to Weazel News, currently broadcasting a Lifeinvader keynote event at the Vinewood Bowl.
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Jay Norris to the stage!
The crowd is heard cheering as Jay Norris enters the stage. He tests the microphone for feedback.
Jay Norris: Hey. This company has come a long way since we started it in my parents' pool house in East Carraway. Today, you're about to witness a new phase. Full on, weapons grade, red alert, world domination!
The crowd applauds and cheers.
Jay Norris: We have put a billion people's private data in the public domain, and we have milked every penny we could in the process. We have one of the youngest work forces in the world! An average age of only 14.4 years, that's not just impressive, it's revolutionary!
The crowd applauds and cheers again.
Jay Norris: Today, right here, we're about to make the next step! Prepare to witness...the future.
Crowd: Dock! Dock! Dock! Dock! Dock!
Jay Norris makes a docking gesture with his fingers, then pulls out the Lifeinvader Phone.
Jay Norris: The Lifeinvader mobile device. Yes, we have invented something no one else has ever thought of. A small personal computerized device. Now you're able to stay docked twenty-four seven. On the bus. You can dock. On the subway. Stay docked. You can be docked in at home, and at the same time, you're docking with some kids at the public pool. We went to the guys at Fruit Computers and we told them we wanted to make our hardware as compatible as possible... Now you can dock your Lifeinvader to an iFruit or any other device, and it'll take all the data off and reformat it into Lifeinvader-friendly information.
While Jay Norris showcases the phone, Michael decides to call him.
Michael: And...fuck you.
Jay Norris: Huh, hold on a second. I think someone's trying to dock with me.
Jay Norris answers Michael's call.
Jay Norris: Hello?
The phone explodes against Jay Norris' head, killing him and shocking the crowd. The security tell the cameramen to stop filming before the broadcast cuts to a "Signal Lost" technical difficulties screen.
Michael: Oh! Ach! Oh, Jesus! Whoa, Lest...whoa!
As the TV turns off, Michael gets up from the couch. Soon, he calls Lester.
(Voice only):
(not in subtitles) Ha-ha!
Michael: Lest, that was heavy! You watching the news?
(Voice only):
I don't have to, I'm watching the markets. I'll be trading pure alpha 'till close.
Michael: Alright. Hey, about that other thing, you know, the score?
(Voice only):
Oh, yeah, yeah, absolutely. Let's do it. Put on a suit, look somewhat professional and meet me at my warehouse off the LS Freeway. Oh, and I'm about to email you a link for the exchange. You can put in some trades of your own.
Michael: I'm trying to stay off the day trading, but maybe I'll take a look.


Phone Calls

  • Rickie Lukens - Rickie will call Michael, knowing that he was the one who caused Jay Norris' death, but now offers his services as a hacker.
  • Jimmy De Santa - Michael can call Jimmy after this mission. Michael will tell Jimmy that he's just calling to check up on him since he's been busy. Jimmy responds that he's terrible because "the calm and routine of having a cranky alcoholic slumped in front of the TV, or passed out on a sun lounger has completely evaporated." He then mentions to his father that if Michael is robbing and probably killing again not to get shot or arrested at the house because it would be embarrassing. Michael snidely retorts that if Jimmy was working he wouldn't have to resort to crime.


  • If Michael returns to the SubUrban store he purchased the clothes from, the store attendant will ask him how the job interview went. Subsequent visits to the same store (at least three more) will see the attendant and Michael continuing their conversation with unique dialogue.


  • Unlike Lester's other assassination missions, where the targeted company's stock will eventually rebound to its former levels. Lifeinvader stock never recovers throughout the course of the story mode.



Weazel News Newspaper

Life invaded! Jay Norris killed giving key note live on tv.

Rick Simpson - Weazel News

"Viewers were horrified yesterday to witness the worst act of corporate espionage in American history. Jay Norris, the controversial, outspoken champion of openness and data mining had his data mined all over the stage when his head was blown off while giving a keynote speech at a shareholder meeting at the Vinewood Bowl, in Vinewood Los Santos. Mr. Norris, CEO and founder of social networking site Lifeinvader had made many enemies in his rise to the top, but nobody thought he was a likely assassination target. He had recently been championing the rights of companies to share and use data as they saw fit more freely. He had also helped block proposed legislation to regulate the use of sourced labor, arguing that is "un-American of us to tell foreigners how many hours a mature 12 years old should work, or what their minimum wage should be. In some countries you can live very well on 35 cents a day." He was demonstrating the company's much hyped Lifeinvader "docking" smart phone when his head was blown off, killing him instantly."

Lifeinvader Posts

  • Lester Crest - "Wow, you really made yourself hard to find with the whole family on here."
  • Lester Crest - "Ok, I'd say you've atoned for that decade of poor friendship. How ironic we're both on Lifeinvader? To soon?"
  • Lester Crest - "Looks like Lifeinvader's new product exploded onto the market."
  • Hayden Dubose - "I was driving through Vinewood earlier and saw a guy dressed like a moronic teenager who looked the spit of you! I must be going crazy!"

Bleeter Posts

  • @wibblyhymen - "RIP Jay Norris. This is a tragic day for social media. I am having a minute of silence on my Lifeinvader page and posting on Bleeter instead."
  • @baconandexactly - "PLZ tell me Bleeter isn't responsible for Jay Norris' death. I can't take it. Don't make me choose."

(after The Long Stretch mission)

  • @LesterC - "I hear Jay Norris's funeral will be free, restricted access, minimal design, with guest-targeted advertising."

Weazel News (Radio)

"Jay Norris has head blown off on TV. Jay Norris, Lifeinvader CEO and controversial champion of openness and data mining, had his data mined all over the stage, when his head was blown off while giving a keynote speech to shareholders at the Vinewood Bowl. Mr. Norris was demonstrating the new Lifeinvader telephone, when a bomb was triggered, killing him instantly. Police are unsure of the motives. Lifeinvader's shares are down on the news."



Video Walkthroughs

GTA Series Videos - GTA 5 PS5 - Friend Request
[Gold Medal Guide - 4K 60fps]


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integrate and purge
  • The events of the mission Repossession occur during the same in-game week as this one, according to an internet article after the Repossession mission.
  • The scene where Michael shows the middle fingers to Lester's security camera can be seen on Lester's artwork from Grand Theft Auto Online. [1]
  • While the anti-virus is scanning the computer, an Epsilon Program file appears very quickly. The anti-virus also shows Lifeinvader.exe as a virus.
  • Among the pop-up ads, the player can see adverts for Brucie Kibbutz's Bull Shark Testosterone, and an online poker game called Poker in the Rear (poke her in the rear, another example of Rockstar Games' sexual humour).
  • The keynote is held at the Vinewood Bowl, the only time in the game an event takes place there not counting the Fame or Shame broadcasts.
  • Should Michael fail to call Norris during the press conference, he will comment that somebody was supposed to call him and storms off, breaking the prototype by throwing it at the stage. This will still fail the mission.
  • The phone bomb may be a reference to the 2009 crime thriller Law Abiding Citizen, where Clyde Sheldon assassinates a judge with a rigged cell phone bomb.[2]
  • The mission name is a reference to the act of sending someone a friend request on Facebook, which Lifeinvader is a parody of, and Lester's request to Michael asking him to perform a favour.
  • The scene of Michael taking the TV remote from Tracey was used in Michael's Character Trailer. In the trailer Tracey wore silver pants; in the game she wears purple pants.
  • Some of the pop-ups play ringtones from GTA IV, as "Lesbians", "The One for Me" and "Hooker" can be heard if one listens carefully.