Fridgit is a cold storage warehouse company in Grand Theft Auto V.


It has a processing unit and warehouses located on Popular Street in Cypress Flats and Mutiny Road in La Puerta, Los Santos. Its slogan is "Stay frosty!". The company uses Benson trucks for deliveries.

Easter Egg

There is an easter egg located in the company's building. If the player enters the company's warehouse, he may notice one of the large metal doors is partially opened. If the player looks through the crack between the doors, he will be able to see a large snowman inside the room, wearing a cap and a scarf, with his mouth set in a comical grin. The snowman can be seen behind some stacked boxes, but the player cannot approach it, as the room is unenterable.



  • The name is a play on the word "frigid" which is a term for cold temperature.
  • However "frigid" is also a term for a woman who is unable to be sexually aroused, another reference to Rockstar's adult humor.
  • Several doors on the rooftop can be entered but only lead to unenterable rooms.
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