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We call this little baby the "Buzzard"! She will pick the bones of your enemies clean.
— Frickie Van Hardenburg.

Frickie Van Hardenburg is a minor antagonist featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony.


Frickie was said to be a controversial South African who was accused of financing conflicts and a string of humanitarian crimes. He had also been linked to weapons smuggling, gem dealing, the slave trade, and drugs; all allegations which he strongly denied.

By 2008, Frickie finally received a visa to enter in the United States, this caused controversy among liberal politics who demanded that Frickie to be put on trial for his war crimes. However, immigration authorities turned a blind eye to these accusations, citing the fact that Mr. Van Hardenburg took several senators on a safari last year and that he is a very nice guy once you get to know him.

Events of The Ballad of Gay Tony

Frickie was in possession of a Buzzard Attack Chopper and he also owns a very large group of bodyguards and arm dealers, who protect his helicopter and yacht.

Luis Fernando Lopez is ordered by Yusuf Amir to steal Frickie's Buzzard. He makes his way to Frickie's yacht using Yusuf's speed-boat. On the yacht, Frickie delivers a short speech on his helicopter, giving Luis the time to steal the Buzzard unnoticed.

Taking the Buzzard, Luis is ordered by Yusuf to destroy the yacht. Luis uses the helicopter to destroy the yacht. The yacht is then blown up, killing Frickie and most of his men. His surviving guards attempt to escape the sinking boat, but Luis chases them down.

Mission Appearances

The Ballad of Gay Tony



  • Frickie Van Hardenburg owns a Super Drop Diamond like Yusuf Amir, and later Luis Lopez. The three of them are the only known owners of a Super Drop Diamond.
  • Frickie can be briefly seen giving a speech about the Buzzard to his guests in the lounge room, but if the player enters the lounge room, he won't be there.
  • Frikkie is a name in the Afrikaans language, a language in South Africa and it is not spelled with a "c". Additionally, Van Hardenburg is not an Afrikaans surname but rather a Dutch surname.