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{{Template:Infobox mission |game = Grand Theft Auto V |for = Unknown |location = [[Los Santos] |target = Michael |fail = Protagonists' death or arrest. |reward = Unknown |unlocks = Unknown |size = 200px|name = Fresh Meat}}

Fresh Meat is an Upcoming Mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


Franklin recieves a threatning phone call from a triad member claiming that they've kidnapped Michael and that they're torturing him right now, as evident by the screaming in the background, with Trevor nowhere to be found it's up to Franklin to rescue Michael, alone. While Franklin doesn't have much to go on, by using an app on his phone he manages to track the Triad's phone call and have a vague idea on it's location. Unlike standart GTA fares where the GPS would automatically indicate the shortest route to your destination, the player is only given a vague beacon to follow. Once arrived to the Triad's hideout, a Meat Processing Facility, Franklin manages to enter the factory through an opening in the roof. After shooting through the triads and freeing Michael, both protagonists must drive away from the facility with the triads right on their tails.

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