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|protagonists = [[Franklin]]
|protagonists = [[Franklin]]
|unlockedby = Unknown}}
|unlockedby = Unknown}}
'''Fresh Meat''' <ref>[ Grand Theft Auto V: Conflicting Points of View Page 2], IGN</ref> is an upcoming mission in ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]'' to ''[[Franklin]].''
'''Fresh Meat''' <ref>[ Grand Theft Auto V: Conflicting Points of View Page 2], IGN</ref> is a Storyline mission in ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]'' to ''[[Franklin]].''

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Fresh Meat [1] is a Storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto V to Franklin.


Franklin receives a menacing phone call from a triad member claiming that they've kidnapped Michael and that they're torturing him right now, as evident by the screaming in the background and with Trevor nowhere to be found it's up to Franklin to rescue Michael, alone. While Franklin doesn't have much to go on, he manages to pinpoint the Triad's location by using an app on his phone called Trackify.

Unlike standard GTA fares where the GPS would automatically indicate the shortest route to your destination, the player is only given a vague beacon to follow. Once arrived to the Triad's hideout, a Meat Processing Facility, Franklin finds a ladder which would take him to the roof of the factory, where a narrow walkway will lead to the front of the building. At this point, Franklin sees two Triad members and kills them, either stealthily or guns blazing. Franklin is sure he has the right location, as he hears Michael's scream from somewhere in the factory.

After shooting through the triads, Franklin turns a corner and sees Michael alive, yet strung up by his feet and soon to be joining the other swaying, upside-down corpses as well if Franklin doesn't react quickly. Franklin kills a Triad member who was pointing a gun towards Michael threatening to kill him. Franklin then tosses Michael a pistol while players are given the option to switch from Franklin to Michael. If the players decided to switch to Michael, they'll play as the latter who is still hanging upside-down as even more triads burst into the room. After both men clear out all of the Triads, Michael lowers himself to the ground and is shown to be in a large amount of pain as he was stripped to a bloody vest and holding his side. Both protagonists must drive away from the facility with the triads right on their tails.



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