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Fresh 105 delivers the sounds of the street culture, straight from the streets and into your ears. You won't find any top 40, ballads or easy listening here. The only thing you'll find on Fresh 105 are the freshest and dopest beats you'll ever hear in the City of Vice.
— GTA Vice City Stories Website

Fresh 105 FM is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, which is hosted by Luke Campbell, that plays old school hip-hop, electro and breakbeat.


Fresh FM in a pirate radio station playing very early hip-hop, breakbeat, and electro music, all without commercial. The station broadcasts live from a strip club and is hosted by the energetic Luke Campbell, who is more than happy to take advantage of the station's lack of censorship whenever possible. On-air, Luke claims the station is "Vice City's number one" and often goes on expletive-filled rants towards various people that annoy him, such as Oliver Biscuit, listeners who complain about his explicit language, and the Vice City Police Department.

By 1986, this radio station is replaced by Fever 105, due to the station being purchased by Biscuit. Luke mentions on the radio that he will never sell the station, but since Fever 105 is the same frequency as Fresh FM, it appears that Luke does end up selling the station sometime before the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In 1986, a very similar radio station is operating, named Wildstyle.


Song: Preview:
"Renegades of Funk" by Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force (1983)
"Pack Jam (Look Out for the OVC)" by Jonzun Crew (1982)
"It's Like That" by Run–D.M.C. (1983)
"Play At Your Own Risk" by Planet Patrol (1982)
"Egypt, Egypt" by The Egyptian Lover (1983)
"Beat Box (Diversion One)" by Art of Noise (1984)
"Boogie Down Bronx" by Man Parrish (1984)
"Request Line" by Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three (1984)
"Freak-a-zoid (Extended Remix)" by Midnight Star (1983)
"The Freaks Come Out at Night" by Whodini (1984)



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