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"Compete in 19 unique Challenges against your Freemode friends and foes. See who can perform the longest jump, who can drive the farthest without crashing, who can fall the longest distance without dying, who can freefall the farthest before pulling their ‘chute – and many other ways to risk your neck to try and be a top 3 finisher for GTA$ and RP rewards."

Freemode Challenges are a series of challenges available in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Freemode Events Update. As implied, they are available to play in Freemode lobbies with at least 5 players. With the release of the Los Santos Summer Special update, the minimum player limit was reduced to 3. As with Freemode Events, they occur every 12 minutes (6 in-game hours).


Freemode Challenges, like Freemode Events, alert the player in advance before the challenge begins. On screen instructions will indicate what the player has to do, where the player has to be, and gives them 3 minutes to prepare for each challenge. All valid players[1] are placed onto a leaderboard once the Challenge begins. Those who are valid will be alerted once the mission begins and a top-3 leaderboard appears at the bottom right of HUD, for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions. The lobby player list becomes purple, headed the Freemode Challenge title, the points system, and a points value beside each player (default to 0). Those who are not actively participating the event will be colored default blue and will lack a point beside their name.

Any requirements or limitations will be pointed out during the event - for example, during challenges involving killing, citizens of Los Santos and Blaine County are not registered as valid kills. Most challenges last 5 minutes and in the last 30 seconds of any challenge the player has gained a point in, the timer will turn red and the Freemode Events Countdown theme will sound.

List of Challenges

Challenge name(s) [?] Challenge description Time limit (minutes) Spawn vehicles Rewards
Driveby Challenge Achieve the highest number of driveby kills on players. 5 N/A $9500
Headshot Kills Challenge Achieve the highest number of headshot kills on players. 5 N/A $10.650
Most Bridges/Fly Under Bridges Challenge Fly under the most bridges in the time limit. 10 $12.750
Sniper Kills Challenge Achieve the highest number of sniper rifle kills on players. 5 N/A $7150
Highest Speed Challenge Achieve the highest speed in a land vehicle. 5 N/A $8750 - $9500
Longest Flying Inverted Challenge/Inverted Flying Challenge Fly upside-down near the ground for the longest distance. 10 $15.750
Longest Bail Challenge Travel the furthest distance when bailing from a land vehicle. 5 N/A $9150
Longest Fall Survived Challenge Fall the longest distance without dying. 5 N/A $7250
Longest Freefall Challenge Fall the longest distance with a parachute before opening it. 10 $14.250
Longest Jump Challenge Perform the longest jump in a land vehicle. 5 N/A $9500 - $10.250
Reverse Driving Challenge Reverse the longest distance without crashing. 5 N/A $11.000
Longest Stoppie Challenge Perform the longest stoppie on a motorcycle. 5 $8750 - $9900
Longest Wheelie Challenge Perform the longest wheelie on a motorcycle. 5 $8400
Low Flying Challenge Fly low to the ground for the longest distance. 10 $13.500
Lowest Parachute Challenge Open your parachute closest to the ground while freefalling. 10 $11.250
Melee Challenge Achieve the highest number of melee kills on players. 5 N/A $8750
Near Misses Challenge Perform the most near misses with other vehicles in a land vehicle without crashing. 5 N/A $8400
No Crashes Challenge Drive the furthest distance in a land vehicle without crashing. 5 N/A $9500
Vehicles Stolen Challenge Steal the most vehicles. 5 N/A $8000
  • Challenges involving flying great distance will spawn Mallards and Besras around the map.
  • Challenges involving parachuting will spawn Mammatus' and Mavericks around the map.
  • Challenges involving motorcycles will spawn PCJ 600s and Sanchezs around the map.
  • All challenges involving aircraft last 10 minutes.

If the player dies while gaining a score, they will respawn nearby a random vehicle spawned specially for the mission. This does not apply to the "Longest Wheelie" and "Longest Stoppie" challenges.

These vehicles are still usable after the mission, and the player will not be locked out of the vehicle, however they will enter a "Self Destruct" mode, giving the player 30 seconds to exit and move away from the vehicle before it explodes. During this time, the player is still able to enter and drive/fly the vehicle until it explodes. A bleeping sound from the vehicle will become increasingly faster towards the detonation.

Removed Freemode Challenges

As of the GTA Online: After Hours, the following Freemode Challenges are no longer triggered:

  • Melee Kills Challenge
  • Drive-by Kills Challenge


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"Reverse the Longest Distance" Challenge
  • Instead of using a high end super car, the best choice is either a slow truck or hatchback, because the slow speed may cover less distance, but they will be easier to control. However, this may put you at a disadvantage to others who are able to do it with supercars.
  • Using any electric vehicle, particularly the Voltic is also a good choice, as its reversing speed is almost the same as its forward top speed, albeit the driver is capable of controlling it at high speed.
  • Get ready on a long road, preferably an empty stretch of highway, or a long boulevard, with minimal corners or intersections.

"Vehicles Stolen" Challenge
  • Be ready and out of your vehicle the second before the Challenge starts; be ready on a busy street or intersection, and avoid highways in case of death. Using "Distract Cops", shoot at an intersection, blocking traffic, to make NPCs leave their cars, moments before the event, so the player has a higher chance of getting a good head start, avoiding having to wait for NPCs to be pulled out of vehicles, which can waste time.

"Near Misses" Challenge
  • Driving down the middle of the left side of the freeway can help accumulate near misses faster; however, doing so makes it much easier to crash. Using a motorcycle can reduce the risk of crashes; the Oppressor Mk II also works well, since you can easily fly up to avoid vehicles.

"No Crashes" Challenge

"Longest Stoppie" and "Longest Wheelie" Challenges
  • The PCJ 600 and Sanchez motorcycles provided during this challenge do not provide enough speed to successfully complete a long stoppie. Owning and utilizing a faster sports bike, such as the Bati 801 or Carbon RS can be particularly useful for this challenge. The tarmac of Los Santos International Airport also provides a large amount of space to complete a stoppie. These tips can also apply to the Longest Wheelie Challenge, though bikes such as the Cliffhanger and the Ruffian are viable choices since they can pull off wheelies with extreme ease.

"Low Flying" and "Inverted Flying" Challenges
  • Instead of using what normally would be expected - a fast jet - using a slow plane, such as a crop duster, and flying above highways or flat land such as the beach is better for the inexperienced pilots, though using a fast jet is a better choice for the experienced pilots, and increases the rate at which the distance is covered.
  • Using a helicopter for low flying can also be a safe option for inexperienced pilots, although the amount of distance gained will increase much slower.


Unlike Freemode Events, Freemode Challenges do not have any special nor ambient soundtracks. As mentioned, the Freemode Events 30-second countdown theme (remix of "RG10") will play at the end of any Freemode Challenge if the player engaged in it (gained a point/score).




  • In the game files, Freemode Challenges are numbered 0 to 23, indicating an initial number of 24 events, despite there only being 19 in-game. It is likely 5 were cut. As these numbers are simply skipped, it is unknown what the missing challenges were.

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