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Hell yeah! There's no stopping me now! Liberty City... Goodbye and good riddance.

Freedom Flies is the final storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance. It is automatically triggered following the completion of Assault Joint after beating King Courtney.


Mike realizes the cops have him surrounded and wishes to have a tank to get through them and reach the airport, where Cisco, the deceased leader of the Colombian Cartel, has left a plane for him to leave Liberty City. When the cutscene ends, a tank appears (there's a chance that it could be a Diablo) and Mike gets on it. With a 6-star wanted level, you have to get to Francis International Airport in time. If the tank is destroyed or the player dies/gets arrested, the mission is failed. Although, the tank can't be easily damaged by the cops. The game will give you instructions how to fire the cannons of the tank and destroy the cop cars which block the road. Once you reach the airport, enter the marker and a cutscene starts.

Mike leaves Liberty City, and remembers his friends, the bar-tender Jonnie, and Cisco, both killed, and 8-Ball, who was arrested. Then a plane is shown leaving Liberty City (for Colombia, as Mike says).


  • The reward for this mission is $40,000 and completing the main story.


At King Courtney's Warehouse in Cedar Grove.
Mike: Think! Think of something quick, the cops are closing in... I can't make it out of the city by the highways, the cops will have roadblocks up. There's only one shot I have and that's make it to the airport and take Cisco's plane. Damn, I wish I had a tank to get through the resistance I've got coming for me.
Mike arrives at the airport and gets in Cisco's plane.
Mike: Hell yeah! There's no stopping me now! Liberty City... Goodbye and good riddance. I've learned hard lessons and rubbed shoulders with the worst elements - King Courtney, Vinnie, and even Asuka. I'm going to miss Jonnie the bartender and Cisco. I can't help but think I could have done more for 8-Ball. Cisco, this drink is for you, perhaps I will settle down in your beloved Columbia. To the rest, to hell with you and here's to never looking back...
Mike leaves Liberty City.




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