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Who's causing a scene on my fucking boat?!
— Freddy "Footlong" Slade after Michael De Santa throws a man off his yacht

Freddy "Footlong" Slade is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Not much is known about Freddy, other than he and his group shoot pornography all over Los Santos, one time in Michael De Santa's mansion the summer before the events of Grand Theft Auto V.

Freddy is friends with Tracey De Santa on Lifeinvader, where the player can see his name, but cannot access his full profile. He is one of a few characters to use his alias on the site, being known as "Freddy 'Footlong' Slade" on the site.

Events of GTA V

During Daddy's Little Girl, Freddy holds a party on his yacht, inviting Tracey De Santa, presumably to try and get her to do a pornographic movie. At this time, Jimmy De Santa chooses to take Michael De Santa to Del Perro Pier during a bike ride, so he could show Michael where Tracey was.

Upon finding out, Michael swims from the pier to the boat to take Tracey away, stealing one of the party-goer's Seasharks to make his escape. Freddy gives chase to Michael on another Seashark (with Blake giving chase on a Seashark as well). Michael can either kill Freddy and Blake, or out-run them on the Seashark. Either way, Freddy is never mentioned in the storyline again. Regardless of whether or not Michael kills him in the mission, he'll still angrily post on Bleeter and Tracey's Lifeinvader.

Mission Appearances