For other uses of the name Freddy, see Freddy (disambiguation). For the character also appearing in Grand Theft Auto Advance and is sometimes called Freddy, see Federico.

"So that sweaty mess of a bartender sent you, huh?"
— Freddy to Mike

Freddy is a character in Grand Theft Auto Advance and an associate of Jonnie who has ripped him off with marked playing cards.


In 2000, Jonnie sends Mike to collect some money from Freddy in the mission Show the Money.

Freddy gives Mike a thousand dollars, but promises him ten, if Mike waits while he gets them. Freddy leaves and the player has a choice to either take the cash and depart, or wait for Freddy.

Should the player wait for Freddy, he returns soon after with a gang of thugs, ordering them to kill Mike and takes back the money. Freddy then has to be killed to proceed in the mission.

To Mike's disappointment, Freddy brought only half the money he promised.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto Advance


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