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Fredrick Quincy is a deceased character in Grand Theft Auto V.


He is the founder of Fred's Pictures Film Studio.

During the Murder Mystery, a letter from August 14th, 1949 addressed to David Richards can be found inside Solomon Richards' office, in which Fred Quincy confessed to the murder of Isaac and a secretary.

In around 1947, Isaac produced a cartoon film for Quincy called Bip The Dog but did not put forth his best effort or work into it, which Quincy considered a betrayal. Even though Quincy had warned him not to do so, Isaac was already seriously considering on making a deal with Abe Schwartzman for a live-action film for Browne Canyon studio, which Quincy was well aware of. The last straw was apparently when Isaac shot a short for it, but used Fred's Pictures film stock to do so.

While Quincy had been drinking, the two got into an altercation which ended when Quincy killed Isaac. He hid his body in an mine in Great Chaparral. After that, he called Schwartzman and offered him a deal to forget about Isaac; as Schwartzman himself had a few skeletons in the closet including "that nasty business with the busboy," and so he apparently complied with it.

The letter also implies that the sunken body is that of Quincy's secretary, who was killed by Quincy after she threatened to blackmail him after learning about the murder two years later, in 1949.


He appears to be based on Walt Disney, as he is the founder of the GTA equivalent to Walt Disney Pictures. His name sounds similar to Fred Quimby, the producer of many of the Tom and Jerry and MGM cartoons.



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