"Damn, this is a wild ride. I didn't think I was gonna come outta that one."
―Frankie in To Live and Die in Alderney

Frankie Gallo is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Frankie serves an Enforcer for the Pegorino crime family and nephew to a well-known member in the Pegorino family, Phil Bell


Events of GTA IV

Frankie seems like a perfectly good mafioso when the player meets him in Truck Hustle, however in To Live and Die in Alderney, it is revealed that he is rather dimwitted and has not thought the heroin distribution plan through.


Frankie can either survive the mission, or die during its events.

The player can save Frankie, but it's hard to keep him alive when the player is getting into the van, as the Police, FIB, and NOOSE will be shooting the van, and he takes a while to close the door.

If the player wants to save him, they must quickly take out the chopper, get in the van, and drive away from the cops. Maintaining a distance from the cops means that Frankie won't be shooting at them, and the cops won't be able to shoot at him.

If Niko or the FIB kills Frankie, Phil will blame himself for his death and is one of the reasons to have his ex-wife hate him.

LCPD Database record

First Name:Frankie
Place of Birth:Leftwood, Alderney
  • Pegorino Crime Syndicate
Criminal Record:
  • 1996 - Burglary
  • 1998 - Grand Larceny
  • 2000 - Grand Theft Auto
  • 2004 - Possession Stolen Property
  • Nephew of Phil Bell, chief Lieutenant or Acting Consigliere in the Alderney-based Pegorino Crime Syndicate.
  • Frequent arrests on petty larceny beeds.
  • Reported that he is not trusted on bigger jobs by the Pegorino Crime Syndicate despite his family connections.
  • Supports both his mother and college-attending sister.

Mission Appearances



  • Frankie wears a similar outfit to Dwayne Forge and Dardan Petrela. The only difference is he wears a gold necklace and a green jacket.
  • During the mission To Live and Die in Alderney, he can be killed but only after him, Niko and Phil abandon the two black Washingtons. His death has no impact on the storyline.
  • Gallo describes his life as tough as he has to look after his mother and sister while being a member of an organized crime family.
  • Frankie shares his model with Slimeball, although with different textures.


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