Frankfort Low is an underground subway station in Grand Theft Auto IV, in the Liberty City Subway system, serving the K/C Algonquin Inner Line and the adjoining E/B Bohan Line. It is the first and last station for inbound B trains and outbound E trains, respectively.


Located at the intersections of Frankfort Avenue with Wardite Street, along the border of the Northwood and North Holland neighborhoods in northern Algonquin, Liberty City, the station exists in conjunction with another station, Frankfort High, an elevated stop situated directly above Frankfort Low's access points. Both stations provide service to Bohan via the Bohan Line. The A/J Algonquin Outer Line/3/8 Broker Line passes directly underneath the southern end of this station; despite the implications by transit maps, there is no free transfer to those lines at this stop.

The station has a total of three entrances, all located on the northern side of Wardite Street: one on the western side of Frankfort Avenue, the second on the divider between Frankfort Avenue's opposing lanes (underneath Frankfort High), and the third on the eastern side of Frankfort Avenue.

Like Frankfort High, Frankfort Low is within a short walk away from Algonquin's TW@ outlet, Modo, the Holland Hospital Center, Playboy X's Penthouse and Luis Fernando Lopez's Northwood Apartment (in The Ballad of Gay Tony).

The station is unremarkable otherwise, sharing the same entrance and platform design as all other subway stations in the game.


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