Frankfort Avenue is an underground subway station in Grand Theft Auto IV, in the Liberty City Subway system, serving the K/C Algonquin Inner Line and the adjoining E/B Bohan Line.

The station is not to be confused with Frankfort High station and Frankfort Low station, which are both located further north along Frankfort Avenue.


As implied, the station can be found at Frankfort Avenue, specifically at the intersection with Lorimar Street, close to the borders between Westminster, Purgatory, and Star Junction in central Algonquin, Liberty City. The station has only two entrances, each located on both sides of Frankfort Avenue, on the southern corners of the intersection.

Due to its placement, the station is near Star Junction proper and is a short distance from Middle Park. The Bahama Mamas nightclub is also located directly in front of the station's western entrance.

The station is unremarkable otherwise, sharing the same entrance and platform design as all other subway stations in the game.


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