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Franco Forelli is an unseen character and minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


By 1992, Franco Forelli is the Don of the Forelli Crime Family.

Early in the game, he is convinced by Sicilian Mafia capo, Massimo Torini, to start a war with the Leone and Sindacco Families in order to take over the underworld in Liberty City. In reality, Torini only encourages Franco to wage war in order to wipe out all three families so that the Sicilians can take over the city.

After Mayor Hole is killed, he aids Miles O'Donovan in the election for mayor of Liberty City. He also attempted to have Donald Love killed during his campaign in order to guarantee the victory for O'Donovan. After his candidate wins, Franco uses him in the same way as the previous mayor in order to secure his victory over the rival mafia families. Because of this, O'Donovan performs a favor on behalf of Paulie Sindacco and has Salvatore Leone arrested for his crimes in order to give both families an advantage in the war. Shortly after Paulie Sindacco is killed, Donald Love orders Toni Cipriani to destroy the Fort Staunton area of Liberty City to get revenge on Forelli for both helping O'Donovan win the election and attempting to kill him earlier. Toni succeeds in planting bombs under the district which destroy the area, though whether Franco was killed in the explosions is unknown. With the destruction of Fort Staunton, the Liberty City Mafia wars end.