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France is a country in Western Europe, officially known as the French Fifth Republic, with several overseas territories and islands located on other continents and in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. The capital and largest city is Paris. It is among the six founding members of the European Union. It is bordered by Spain and Andorra to the southwest, Italy to the southeast, Switzerland and Germany to the east, and Belgium and Luxembourg to the northeast.

There are a few but subtle references to France in the Grand Theft Auto series.


2D Universe

Grand Theft Auto 2

3D Universe

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

  • On the LCFR radio station, there's a radio cooking show named Coq-o-Vin (which translates into English as: "chicken in wine"), hosted by Richard Goblin.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

  • Le Singe d'Arbre is a French-named café in Little Haiti. However, it is written in incorrect French. The name should translate as The Monkey of the Tree ("Le Singe de l'Arbre"), but instead translates as The Tree's Monkey.
  • Les Beans Café is a French café.
  • Camus is a French denim brand advertised around Vice City and mentioned by some shoppers as being sold in Paris. In addition, the brand is named after French philosopher Albert Camus.
  • When engaging in combat, a shopping woman will exclaim, "I fight for equality, like the French".
  • "Beating the One-Eyed Clown", an episode of The Time Ranger, takes place briefly in France during the revolutionary period. In addition, Jonathan Freeloader claims at the end of the show that people with talent were storming Normandy.

HD Universe

Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Some pedestrians speak French.
  • Paris can be seen on the television channel CNT.
  • According to Weazel News, the French government is considering requesting the return of the Statue of Happiness.
  • offers "Feminine chain-smoking French babies".
  • Derriere - A business, it means "behind", a synonym for the human buttocks, as seen in the store logo.
  • Fourchette - A clothing company, seen in, it means "fork".
  • Le Chien - A high-end fashionable clothing company featured in, it means "the dog".
  • The "American Travel: The European Travel Guide" website mentions France and includes several derogatory French stereotypes. The website also incorrectly claims that Brussels is in France, whereas it is actually the capital city of Belgium.

The Ballad of Gay Tony

Grand Theft Auto V

  • Fabien LaRouche, who is Amanda De Santa's Yoga instructor, is French.
  • Marie Antoinette, the final Queen of France before the French Revolution; is mentioned on the website
  • The French flag is among the numerous world flags flying in front of the Jetsam Terminal.
  • There is a clothes shop called Caca, which means "poo" in French.
  • The car manufacturer Cheval is French for horse.
  • Bourgeoix is a French cognac.
  • When Trevor is caught up in traffic by cyclists, one thing he yells at them is "go to France with your bicycles", referring to Le Tour de France.
  • A stripper at the Vanilla Unicorn, Fufu, is from France.
  • On the Jock Cranley website on the EyeFind browser, the player can take part in a patriotism test. If the player scores badly on the patriotism test, text pops up at the bottom of the screen: "If you hate America so much get the fuck out and go live in France. Part of it is in Canada." (refering to Quebec) "Or vote Jock Cranley and turn your life around." In addition, Jock mocks France during his appearance on Bless Your Heart.
  • The Canis Kalahari is based on the French Citroen Méhari, and the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website claims the Kalahari is still used by the French military.
  • During An American Welcome, Josef shouts "Liberty! Equality! Fraternity!", the motto of the French Republic, mistakenly believing it to be related to the United States.
  • Truffade is a French automotive manufacturer, which resembles Bugatti.
  • It can be implied that Lézard is a French brand, judging that it parodies the Lacoste company (lézard is French for lizard).
  • Le Chien stores can be found in Los Santos, with one located in Rockford Plaza on Las Lagunas Boulevard.
  • The San Andreas Flight School Update added a France Chute Bag in the game.
  • The Bullpup Rifle Mk II is modeled after the FAMAS bullpup assault rifle.
  • Bob Mulét, the owner of the high-end barbershop Bob Mulét, is a French stylist.
  • There are two streets in Los Santos named Calais Avenue and Normandy Drive, a reference to the port city of Calais and the region of Normandy.
  • Tanisha Jackson mentions on her Lifeinvader page that her new boyfriend is taking her on holiday to Paris in the next year.
  • Val-de-Grâce is a French clothing brand.
  • There is a French flag as a decal on the Tour Bus.
  • Some pedestrians such as tourists and rich men can be heard speaking in French phases. One black tourist starts off a phone call in French only to say that he's doing it because it's "trés chic".


  • GTA V sold 1,951,000 copies in France during 2013, thus making it by far the best-selling game of the year.