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I did the Revenge ending, which ended in the death of a certain person. Strangely, after it has all been completed, I get a phonecall from that person inviting me out. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, does it also happen with the person that dies in the Deal ending? Gboyers talk 16:27, 12 December 2008 (UTC)

This didn't happen to me, but I heard about it happening to several other people. I have never heard about it happening in deal though. Also, everyone I know finishes the game and never picks it up again, so it may have happened to them but they never played it to find out. I believe that because the same person doesn't die in both endings, that a horrible glitch takes place. Rockstar didn't kill them properly.
How dead is the person?
  1. After the end of the game I lost all my contacts except for Niko's friends, because he's out of the crime business. Not to mention that the whole way through, you lose the contacts of people who die. Is the person who died actually in your phonebook?
  2. Have you ever accepted the invitation? Maybe when you get there the game realises that the person is dead and it doesn't continue.
  3. Check your phonebook. Did the game make a horrible mistake and kill the wrong person (from the wrong ending)?
That's just a couple of things to see where the glitch (if it is a glitch) could come from. Whatever the answers to all those questions are, there must be something wrong with the game code. But because it doesn't happen to EVERYONE, the testers never found it.
BTW, I'm one mission away from the credits on my second run through of the storyline (not including the fact that I played both endings before). So if I ever get a chance to play it, it may happen to me. (Oh and, I know I'm pretty stupid for spending time in the forum instead of maintaining the wiki when I don't have much time)

Wow.That is strange.I've beaten the game 4 times and I didn't encounter this glitch. How many times did you encounter this problem?-HuangLee

the same thing happens to me on my GTA IV I did the revenge storyline and (spoiler) even though kate is dead she calls me from an unknown number and asks me out. thouht nothing changes because she still talks about the same things and she never lets you into her house and you can't call her back--Coop804 17:56, 14 May 2009 (UTC) I have beaten this game 5 times and this never happened. Why happen to you?- Media:orenzo51296

-- When I finished the game for the second time ( Revenge, Kate dies), an "Unknown Caller" called me just when I still was at the Statue of Happiness and she said she was Kate and she would like to go out on a date with me. I did so and she was in perfect condition. After that, I couldn't call her though because her name wasn't in my phonebook list anymore. Whagwan

Niko is hallucinating ;) Delo19xcrowbarx 07:43, July 29, 2010 (UTC)

I reproduced this issue last night - before choosing money or revenge path, I saved the game (call it choice save slot);  played through the revenge ending first; immediately after the last mission ended I loaded the auto-save and then saved it again in a different slot (call it revenge save slot);  then I loaded the choice save slot, played through the money ending and saved it like the revenge save slot; played for a while to get all the phone calls. Since Roman died as part of the money slot, I reloaded the revenge save slot and played for a while - during this time I get a call from Kate even though she is dead.  I think the problem is some combination of a variable not getting set on restore of the revenge game that had the same state that was set by the money ending.  --musiclover1966