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I don't like what Rockstar did with the vehicle names in GTA V. Most of them are stupid and mixed up.

Here's a list of names that i think would have been better:

Dinka Blista-Burgerfahrzeug Club (The car is based off the Scirroco, while the Club off a Golf Mk.2)

Schyster Fusilade-Schyster Euros

Maibatsu Penumbra-Maibatsu ZR-400 (As a successor)

Bollokan Prairie-Vulcar Bravura (Vulcar doesn't have a lotta cars and why would you add another manufacturer with a single vehicle?)

Karin BeeJay XL-Karin Yosemite (BeeJay sounds stupid, even though it's a reference to a blowjob)

Karin Asterope-Karin Nebula

Vapid Radius-Vapid Previon

Vapid Dominator-Vapid Hellenbach (They're exacly the same)

Zirconium Journey-Zirconium Recreation (It's an RV, duh!)

Brute Camper-Brute Journey (It looks like the original Journey)

BF Surfer-BF Camper (Identical to the SA Camper)

Bravado Duneloader-Bravado Hustler

Bravado Rat Loader-Bravado Walton

Weeny Issi-Ubermacht Flash (MINI is owned by BMW)

Bravado Gauntlet-Bravado Clover

Grotti Carbonizzare-Grotti Sunrise

Vapid Stanier-Vapid Elegant

Declasse Asea-Declasse Cadrona

Dewbauchee Exemplar-Dewbauchee Stafford

Benefactor Dubsta-Benefactor Dubster

Obey Rocoto-Pfister Rocoto (It's based off a Cayenne)

Burgerfahrzeug Dune Buggy-Burgerfahrzeug Bandito

Vulcar Warrener-Annis Elegy RH5 (It's a Skyline)

Benefactor Glendale-Benefactor Schafter Classic

Lampadati Casco-Lampadati Windsor

Karin Kuruma-Maibatsu Kuruma (It's based off a Mitsubishi)

Dinka Enduro-Maibatsu Sanchez Classic

Mammoth Dodo-Mammoth Skimmer

Jobuilt Mammathus-Jobuilt Dodo

Western Company Mallard-Western Company Stuntplane

Western Company Cuban 800-Western Company Beagle

Western Company Duster-Western Company Cropduster

Dinka Thrust-Western Motorcycle Company Wayfarer

Principe Nemesis-Principe FCR-900

Pegassi Ruffian-Pegassi Streetfighter

Western Motorcycle Company Bagger-Western Motorcycle Company Freeway (If you modify the Bagger at LS Customs, it looks exactly like the Freeway)

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