Here are some general tips, hints and tricks to help you on your adventure through Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Combat and Shooting Tips

  • For more experienced players familiar with other competitive shooters, this kind of goes without saying, but for newer players, remember to RELOAD after killing someone with the Circle/B button. Actively reloading before each fight can give you the edge over other players, just make sure no one is going to jump around that corner and blast your guts over the wall, while you're at it.
  • When shooting with an automatic weapon, improve your chances with the auto-aim by firing rapid single shots rather than bursts, and aim just above to hit the chest/head area. Your accuracy will stay the same, and if you tap quickly enough it'll be just like holding the button, only way more accurate.
  • One way to combat a car speeding towards you is to aim for the driver's side and keep shooting. As the car comes towards, roll out of the way (Free aim then X/Square), and keep shooting. Auto Aim should help with this.
  • When you need to shoot behind you in a car whilst driving, click the right stick in and press L1. You can release the right stick, the camera is 'stickied' behind you, whilst also allowing you to aim and shoot.
  • If you're in a firefight with some punk who's hugging a dumpster for cover, try aiming for their feet.
  • Crouch down for more accuracy. This may seem like a little thing, but when you aiming for someone far away, this boost in accuracy can really help.
  • If somebody starts to follow you in a Buzzard or Annihilator while you're driving a car, then you can try driving under a bridge/overhead subway, drive to a Garage {e.g. Pay 'n' Spray), or go into a garage with an opening door. The helicopter will find it tricky to kill you and you could wait under there for a while until the helicopter pilot gets bored and goes away.
  • For easier kills and save ammunition, use the one, two, punch. Shoot once in the head and once in the chest. Your opponent should drop down dead.
  • Know your area well. Find accessible buildings, anyway to reach greater heights and best way to escape this can give you the edge against other players.
  • Certain vehicles and objects allow you to climb and reach inaccessible areas e.g. fire escape.
  • RPGs are tricky to avoid. If being shot at by one, immediately turn so your running length ways (across) away from center of the blast. (Note: this varies to the aim trajectory of the RPGs angle)
  • Zig zag to avoid being fire at to decrease your chance of taking bullet damage. (Note: Theres little decrease if auto-aim is on)
  • Only use weapons/vehicles you have experience at, build your experience with others in your own time.
  • For an easier hit with grenades, count how long it takes for your opponent/enemy to pass a certain object. ( you pass object, count the X amount of seconds your opponent/enemy takes to pass that same object, shave off that X amount of seconds from the grenade timer ). (Note: time may vary due to the speed & distance of you and the opponent/enemy and the surrounding environment and objects).
  • When it comes to the police, there are your best friends for getting guns. Shoot them and pick up their ammo/weapon.
  • When using a sniper rifle on a moving target, aim 0.5 or 1 to 1.5 or 2 seconds ahead of them. (Note: time may vary due to the distance between you and the target, the speed of which the target is moving and internet connections for mutiplayer).
  • When using a RPG on a moving target aim 3.5 or 4 to 5.5 or 6 seconds ahead of them (Note: time may very due to distance between you and the target, the speed of which the target is moving and internet connections for mutiplayer.)
  • Helicopters provide a good resource of RPG ammo (X8).
  • Enforcers provide 20% body armor (Police On Only).
  • Ambulances provide 20% health.
  • Police cruisers provde X5 shotgun ammo.
  • Security guards & police officers provde X10 pistol ammo.
  • N.O.O.S.E officers provide X10 machine gun ammo and X10 SMG ammo (Police On Only)
  • Try not to stock up on ammo during/middle of a fire fight. Your chance of being shot, death & wasting your ammo are high. It's best if you stock up before/after the fire fight were the chances are lower.
  • If you're about to die, change your weapon to something a little less powerful or nothing to stop other opponents from getting an advantage over you and others.
  • Always plan an escape route to get yourself/your friends out of the area.
  • The fire trucks hose makes a good imobilization weapon for those who want to getaway on foot.
  • Position yourself in a space where you have a 180 degree view of the playing field or 45 degree view in a tight space.
  • Some times brains of brawn and brawn of brains are better used in situations for its purpose.
  • The best offence is defence and vice versa.
  • Using RPGs & grenades in open areas can alter the course of your opponent. Fire them ahead, so they can change direction.
  • The RPG has fuel to fire anywhere within your minimap on the HUD. Any opponent outside won't be within reach of the RPG.
  • Any vehicles weak spot is the rear. Aim and fire the rear and it should go up in flames quicker.
  • Weapons are best save for the right situations, shotguns for close up and machine guns for long range.
  • Aim and fire the RPG low with a low but far enough angle to reach ahead of a target infront of you.
  • Cover is useless if auto-aim is on.
  • Use or have someone cover fire. Cover fire just means you're shooting your opponent/enemy while in cover to stop them from shooting back.
  • Grenades are good used in tight spots or areas where your opponent is between spaces.
  • Always drive defensively, that way you can spot things, players and areas of risk.
  • When being chased by a faster vehicle, take more turns to increase the chance of escape and distance between you and the enemy. You can also hit the brakes when you're about to get caught by the other vehicle, that way they will keep on driving and possibly crash into something, giving you time to turn around and go away.
  • If chasing a faster vehicle, wait till they take a turn or make a mistake then move in.
  • Keep an escape car nearby for a fast getaway.
  • While being chased in traffic, shoot the traffic behind you to make them stop and create an obstacle for the opponent/enemy.
  • Glitches are good to use against others especially ones who don't know how to get in. (Note: glitches are not recommended as they can be offensive and unfair to other players also you may get kicked out of the game if the players do not know about the glitch and think you are using hacks)
  • Vehicles can be used as improvised weapons.
  • Rocket Launchers not recommended at close range, as it is very likely for you to blow yourself up.
  • In Bomb Da Base if you are flying the helicopter to the boat, leave your friends by the dock and if you have headsets tell them to wait out of site behind a canister or something of the kind then fly to a roof of one of the surrounding buildings and take out your sniper and kill as much sentries as you can with the sniper then head of the roof and run into the ship your friends will follow.
  • In GTA Race if you are tailing someone in a fast car shoot the tires. Even better, if they skid and the other players crash right into him possibly messing up the wheels on his car meaning he cant move and is stuck.

Racing Tips

  • As the clock counts down in a multiplayer race, hold the handbrake and the accelerator. As it says 'GO', release the handbrake. You'll get a jumpstart.
  • In races, be wary of players who like to play pinball on the first lap. Keep your distance or get out in front, and try to avoid collisions.
  • Can't seem to ever get your turns right while racing? Here are some tips...Don't brake or accelerate in the middle of a turn, especially if you intend not to drift or power-slide; simply brake or accelerate before the turn, then take the turn and let the car do its work. If you seem to be taking the turn too slowly then add some throttle but beware of understeer, if you're taking it too quickly try the handbrake and slide the car into bounds. But if you intend to power-slide or drift through a turn in the first place, point the car towards where you intend the nose of the car to slide around (apex). Then turn and just right after that apply a touch of the handbrake; at this point the car should start sliding. Now counter-steer or turn into the slide and as the car goes around the turn it should self-correct and you'll be driving straight again. Some cars might easily spinout in these drifting turns or you might go too slow in them, in which case some throttle might be necessary while sliding to hold the drift without spinning out. Each car handles differently in GTA IV and different amounts of braking, handbrake, throttle, etc. will be needed. The instructions above generally apply to rear wheel drive vehicles, which most are in the game. The few front wheel drive vehicles will take nice tight turns better, but not drift as well, and throttle in the middle of a drift will be useless in holding it. The all wheel drive vehicles in the game will generally handle similarly to rear wheel drive vehicles, due to there torque bias to the rear wheels.
  • A bootleg turn or driving forwards and spinning 180 degrees, and facing the other direction is good technique to know if you miss a turn or end up going the wrong way during a race. To initiate a bootleg turn, quickly turn and immediately after apply the handbrake. Then as your car slides counter-steer or turn into the slide (Note: it takes some practice to get this bit right) and as the car begins to face the other direction, let off the handbrake and straighten your steering out. Then apply the throttle and drive off in the other direction! You can also try to quickly steer the wrong way then immediately start your bootleg turn, this is known as a Scandinavian flick. The slower you are driving the more likely it will work, at higher speeds the car will probably continually spin and you might end up facing the direction you were driving in the first place. Note that every car in GTA IV handles differently and different amounts of handbrake and turning ferocity will be required.
  • In races, use the radar to anticipate up coming corners, and enemy cars, especially the players that like to do the race backwards and total the decent players.
  • In races, when you don't care about your image, when you can't gain a position, if there's a player ahead of you by not much, smash his rear before a corner, it's as efficient as braking if not better and allows you to gain a position. Carful, when you use this trick too early in a race, expect becoming a target for the player you've smashed, do it very late in a race, for example, in the very last laps. Don't worry too much about damage if you're driving a healthy rear-engined car, but take it in account.
  • Playing dirty sometimes help, it may cause the frustration of other players causing them to lose concentration, opening up for you to strike.

General Driving Tips

  • Only drive cars/trucks/vans/bikes/boats/pick-ups/SUVs & helicopters you have more experience with than others.
  • Always drive defensively, watch out for players, areas & objects that may pose a risk.
  • Use your brakes. (Not Hand brake) They are your best friends when it come to cornering & with vehicles that have no ABS and TC.
  • To counter-act an involuntary/voluntary loss of control, hold down both your brakes and accelerator (Note: that vehicles are all different and may not be able to counter-act due to their weight, specifactions, driving skill, speed of which the vehicle is travelling or the environment)
  • To corner better try releasing the accelerator so the vehicle can turn more aggressively into the corner.(Boats can turn better by adjusting its trim, helicopters by turning its pitch).


Rolled Over

  • 5 rolls from a single crash. The easiest way to get this is to take a car (preferably a Police Cruiser or Taxi cab) to the airport. Take it out on the runway and hold down the accelerator. Aim for the yellow markers in the grass median. Line up the car so that the left or right half of wheels will hit the edge of the yellow marker. When you do this the car will flip at least two to three times. Hold the accelerator down the entire time and keep jumping off the markers until you get the achievement. You MUST keep the accelerator pressed the entire time. Since it doesn't count the 5 rolls by crashes, but by rolls done by the same car in a short period of time, you can just keep trying over and over until the Achievement/Trophy pops up
  • If the car you are using becomes too damaged then NOOSE cars are readily available, the NOOSE Patriot is a car which can get this achievement, but it may take some time since the Patriot seems to be able to self-right or not do enough rolls to get the achievement, but it is possible. Be aware when trying take one, be sure to shoot the driver and take the car as quickly as possible.
Alternative Ways
  1. There is a Glitched Swing Set in the firefly projects south-west of the map near the corner of the freeway. In the park there will be two sets of swings. Take a Patriot to the left swing set (backing up), making sure you're facing the subway and you should get thrown into the air. Keep trying this and you should get the achievement within five minutes.
  2. Go to any skyscraper with no barriers, spawn any car, position the car so you'll roll off and the Achievement/Trophy will pop up.

One Man Army

  • Load up on Armor, Combat Shotgun ammo, Molotov's and Carbine ammo. Head to any 'Cluckin Bell' food outlet. There is a pillar guarding the only entrance, hug to it and start murdering the fat customers. Wait for police and blow them away. Keep this up for 5 minutes and you'll have 6 stars in no time. Another method is to enter a new city when you're not supposed to and just hide for 5 minutes. Some people have also used a hospital. You will find many people to kill and get your wanted level up, and a health pack when you are almost dead. You can also visit to get five stars, and use a cheat to gain a sixth star (this shouldn't prevent any achievements).
  • Another way is to go to your safehouse in eastern Algonquin, the one with the laptop. Go to inside the apartment and then head down to the lobby. Wait in the lobby, killing police officers as they come in. As soon as you kill enough to get bumped up to six stars, immediately head back for the elevator to your apartment. You'll have six stars, but the police won't be able to follow you. Set down the controller, go make yourself a sandwich, and come back to a new achievement. When you're done, just save your game, and you'll be back to full health with no police to worry about.
  • Another easy way to do it is to get a helicopter and then get 6 stars. Fly as high as you can but be sure to stay in the police search area, and just sit there for five minutes, and you're done.
  • Another easy way is to get a helicopter and fly to the top platform of the Statue of Happiness (on Happiness Island). One of the platforms there will be 4 doors on each side, one door leads you to the inside of the statue where a ladder is, climb this ladder until you are at the top where the beating heart is. Type 267-555-0150 into your phone which will give you a one star wanted level, keep doing this cheat until you have 6 stars and wait 5 minutes until the achievement comes. The police cannot reach you here. Note that you'll probably die in the end from the jump down to get the hell out of that creepy place.
  • Another way that requires a little cash and killing PBX in The Holland Play. Just go to the lobby, access in the guard's computer, go to your apartment, wait for a chopper to arrive and shoot it down. Shoot 2-3 down and you should have six stars. Then, just go to the bedroom part of the loft.
  • Find the hospital in Holland in Algonquin. Jump down into the Subway and start gaining a wanted level, a First Aid Kit is located nearby. When you reach Six Stars, run down into the Subway where the police can't get to you. Stay within the boundaries, and hide here for five minutes.
  • A good hiding spot is to go to the Westdyke Memorial Hospital in Leftwood, Alderney. Kill as many people as you can, and soon cops will be coming in. Once you've reached 6 stars, hide in one of the rooms and police will not be able to find you. If you run low on health, just go to the first aid. It will always re-appear. If you need more health again but it has not re-appeared yet, drink soda from the Sprunk machine. However, 1 can can't re-fill all your health so you have to drink multiple cans varying on one's health and cops can interrupt.
  • The Russian Shop is a very good place to start a massacre. Kill lots of people (outside and inside) and once you've reached 6 stars, hide in the closet. If cops come, just kill them. You should have a new achievement.
  • The simplest way to get this achievement is at the start of the game. Find subway tracks leading to Algonquin and follow them on foot under the bridge or under a tunnel to Algonquin. Stay in the tunnels with your wanted level at six stars. The cops cannot follow you here. Stand around for five minutes to gain the achievement then backtrack out of the search radius back to where you came from. Do not stay in the subway stations themselves, but on the tracks between as the cops have been known to be in the stations.

Chain Reaction

  • Get a large vehicle like a Bus and go to the large, main bridge. Park the bus sideways so it is blocking all vehicles and when you see 10 vehicles, simply fire a rocket launcher at one of them and wait for the achievement/trophy to pop up. Damaging the vehicles prior to this (using less powerful weapons) and using grenades as well may help.
  • Another strategy is to go to Auto Eroticar, park two cars in the garage so that there are at least 10 cars total, and so that they are all either touching, or very close to at least one or two other cars, then start firing rockets or throwing grenades to ensure that every car explodes.
  • If you have the DLC for TBoGT (The Ballad of Gay Tony) you can use sticky bombs to make things easier by destroying many vehicles at once.

Pool Shark

  • To get this Achievement/Trophy, all you have to do is beat someone at a game of pool (8 ball). Since all you have to do is beat someone on in a full game, try playing Michelle. She's really bad and it might take the not-experienced player a while to adjust to the pool controls. (Packie and Little Jacob are real good)

One Hundred and Eighty

  • Play a game of darts with anyone. Then, aim for the little red box in the middle of the 20 point slice (which is at the top of the circle). Hit it three times in a row. You can't miss one, or you won't get the full 180 points. Hit it 3 times then wait for the Achievement/Trophy to pop up.

Gobble Gobble

  • Go bowling with anyone and bowl in the most left lane. When it's your turn to bowl, Start by taking 2 full steps to the LEFT and lock that position in. Pull back for a second then roll the ball with no after touch. Since Niko is right-handed, the ball should roll straight for a strike. Make 3 strikes in a row for the Achievement/Trophy.

Finish Him

  • To get this Achievement/Trophy, you need to do 10 counters in a fistfight in 4 minutes. To counter, dodge with X/A, then press Square/triangle/X/Y to do a counter move against your opponent (you'll see Niko Bellic do some snazzy Kung Fu move). The best place to get this Achievement/Trophy is at the helitour place in Algonquin. Go to the line at the building in front of the place and fight people through the line median thing (those sticks with the ropes connecting them that they have at real life airports) with Niko on one side and the person you're fighting on the other. These median things will force your opponent to make really wide swings, easy to dodge and counter. Since it will take at most 2 counters to knock out an opponent, you need about 5-7 guys to get the Achievement/Trophy. But the people will keep respawning because of the line and there's a hot dog stand out in front if you need health. Expect to get hit a few times, get a quick hotdog at the stand near the entrance on the street if you need it, and remember, girls will fight you too.
  • If you have the DLC for TBoGT you can go to the LC Cage Fighters tournament and do all of your counters there and if you die in the process it won't matter because the timer for the Achievement/Trophy doesn't stop giving you a chance to finish off the rest of the counters.

Wheelie Rider

  • Get a motorcycle capable of doing wheelies and go to the runway at the airport. The airport run is a nice, big, long, straight road to try this Achievement/Trophy on. You'll get a 4 star wanted level, but since you be driving fast around the airport, the cops will barely catch up to you. Start at one end, and pull back slightly to start a wheelie, and try to hold it. Hold it for a good 15 seconds to get the Achievement/Trophy.
  • A very easy way to get this achievement and be able to perform it anywhere is to get a faggio and perform a wheelie. A faggio will not fall over from leaning back too much so it's even easy to get the achievement by riding in regular streets. Be sure not to hit anything though, as that will obviously knock you off.

It'll Cost Ya

  • This Achievement/Trophy is earned by using a taxi to get from one island to another without skipping the trip, meaning you have to watch the whole trip. Hail a taxi at one end of a bridge that connects 2 islands and set a way point at the other end. Make sure you start off the bridge and end off the bridge. Get in the cab, and make sure you get the guy to speed up to make the trip faster. When you arrive, get out and watch the Achievement/Trophy come up.
  • Another way to do this is hail a cab, go in and don't skip the trip. After a few streets (not at your destination) shoot out the window and the cab driver will get out and run away. You will get the trophy/achievement.


  • Many people get confused with this Achievement/Trophy, just visit the Helitours site in Algonquin and go on all 5 of the helicopters tours. It should be noted though that all of the helicopters won't be there at the same time, so you'll need to remember which one you've already went on.

Under The Radar

  • If you can't remember where all of the bridges are, After you go under one bridge, go to the pause menu and put a checkpoint on one of the Trophy Icons and fly to where you point the checkpoint at and do the same thing with the next one.

Genetically Superior

  • An easy way to achieve a head start is to rather than line up with the other cars. Drive past the start line, but as you drive past. Graze one of the two cars in the front of the line. Doing this should initiate the race straight away. So you don't have to start at the back.
  • Another way to do this is to play the races in The TLAD (The Lost and Damned) DLC and play through all of the races and once you've won all of them, stay near the easiest race you find and repeatedly play that. After about a minute after finishing the race the closest one will show up so stay near the race start.

You Got The Message

  • A suggestion to minimise time spent looking for each of Stevie's requested vehicles is to use a map such as this one. Stevie's Text Message Cars
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