Fort Baxter in GTA: Vice City


Fort Baxter


Military personel as seen in GTA: VCS at Fort Baxter

Fort Baxter Air Base is a national guard military base in Vice City.

GTA Vice City

Fort Baxter Airbase first appeared in GTA Vice City, near Escobar International Airport. There are large amounts of soldiers armed with M4's guarding the area. There are Barracks OL's, Rhino's, Military Jeep's, and other military vehicles stored at the base. When all Hidden Packages in the game are found, the Hunter attack helicopter spawns on the base.

GTA Vice City Stories

Fort Baxter Airbase reappeared in GTA Vice City Stories. Set 2 years before GTA Vice City, the airbase is slightly different: In GTA Vice City, the air base is only accessible by smashing through the gates, while in GTA Vice City Stories, the gates automatically open and cannot be broken. Victor Vance was a Corporal at Fort Baxter, but was discharged after Sergeant Peppah found marijuana hidden under Victor Vance's bed.


Name Present Soldier Former Soldier
Jerry Martinez No Yes (now Sergeant)
Beverly McFadden No Yes (now Commanding Officer)
Private Parts Yes No
Sergeant Peppah No Yes (now Sergeant)
Private Places Yes No
Victor Vance No Yes

"Ghost Tower"


Ghost Tower

The "Ghost Tower" refers to a tower that Rockstar North was going to put at Fort Baxter but decided not to but is still visible when looking from the East Island (Vice Beach) to the West (Mainland). It was going to be a control tower for the (also cut) Fort Baxter Runway. It is visible in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

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