Foreclosed North Alamo Pier GTAV Overview

View of the pier from the Alamo Sea

The Foreclosed North Alamo Pier refers to a group of 3 homes and a private jetty/pier in Grand Theft Auto V located west of Galilee off North Calafia Way on the north shore of the Alamo Sea


3 private homes are located around a dirt shared driveway. There are no identifiable names for the location. At least one of the homes is up for foreclosure sale by Lenny Avery Realty as indicated by the sign at the top of the shared driveway.

The site is usually occupied by peaceful civilian Redneck NPCs but during the mission events of Grand Theft Auto Online it is predominantly occupied by The Lost MC or Los Santos Vagos. Outside of mission appearances, a Rank-dependent watercraft may spawn alongside the jetty in GTA Online.

Jesco White spawns here as an Easter egg tap-dancing at the end of the driveway, but only in story mode.

Mission Appearances

GTA Online



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