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Deep down, you've always been a Fooligan. Just like cousin Wade. Know what a Fooligan is?
Folks are gonna tell you it's all about a band, or getting fucked up, or walking around with your junk out. And yeah, that's a big part of it. But it's also about not giving a fuck.
Dax, explaining the Fooliganz to the GTA Online Protagonist.

The Fooliganz are a gang appearing in Grand Theft Auto V (albeit unnamed) and featured in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The Fooliganz are a drug-dealing gang who participate in the Juggalo sub-culture, making them an interpretation of Juggalo gangs. Their members are hostile to the player, except for females who are neutral.

They are identifiable by their baggy Fatal Incursion shirts, "90's gangbanger" fashion sense, color code of red, white, green and black, and clown-themed shirts, bikinis/croptops, tattoos, and face and body paint.

The Fooliganz graffiti in The Freakshop describes their philosophy. They are a highly inclusive gang, living by the motto of "No Judgement" and bonding over drug use and party life. They seem to adopt an anarchic and anti-establishment view, as their graffiti includes multiple catchphrases and digs at law enforcement, government and corporations. They are also fans of metal bands such as Fatal Incursion and Anguished Cornhole.

Their mascot/emblem is Dildodude, a tribal figure holding a double-ended Dildo in each hand (a parody of the Psychopathic Records' Hatchet Man logo).

They are involved in the drug manufacture and supply business, specifically hallucinogens such as LSD.


Much like the Hippies, Fooliganz are not aggressive towards players outside mission scenarios. They will usually run away when in the vicinity of any aggressive acts.


Events of Grand Theft Auto V[]

Wade Hebert is a Juggalo and makes reference to being waylaid by Trevor Philips on the way to "The Gathering" with Daisy Bell and Kush-Chronic.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online[]

An unnamed female Fooligan is one of the possible Bounty Targets that players can capture or kill for Maude Eccles.

Multiple female Fooliganz will be among the attendees of the "Ritual Sacrifice" wind-down party when the player is tasked by Tony Prince with stealing the Festival Bus to set up their club.

There's a bunch of creepy-ass drug dealers makin' headlines right now. Selling nasty shit to anyone and everyone. The whole city wants 'em dealt with.
Franklin Clinton describing the gang to introduce the payphone hit.

Four unnamed Fooliganz conduct a drug deal with Street Punks or Rednecks, and the players take them out in an attempt to make Merryweather look good. Failure to eliminate them simultaneously will attract many more reinforcements.

Los Santos Drug Wars[]

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In 2022, the Los Santos Drug Wars formally introduces, and for the first time, names the gang. The GTA Online Protagonist is introduced to them through Ron Jakowski, who has encountered them at Ace Liquor, where they have moved in and taken over from Trevor Philips and Chef.

The leader, Dax is introduced along with wrestler Luchadora, and drug chemist, Labrat. Later, Labrat's assistant, Mutt is also introduced as the player joins "The Troupe" as "Freshmeat".

Along with these named characters, two additional unique unnamed female Fooliganz models are added, with two generic gang member female models receiving updates and six generic male gang member models also being added/updated.

The player joins Dax and four female Fooliganz and together they fight off The Lost MC at Ace Liquor, before the player retrieves Dax's stolen Journey II R.V. from Millars Boat Shop and travels to Mirror Park with Dax where they claim an abandoned warehouse.

Dax then has the player complete six missions to set up their drug manufacturing operations at The Freakshop, involving dealing with their rivalry with near neighbours, The Lost MC, and later on their drug supply rivals, the Hippies. They then steal pure precursor chemical supplies from Humane Labs and Research and opportunistically acquire a Brickade 6x6 from a train crash. The Brickade 6x6 is then turned into a mobile Acid Lab after further equipment is stolen from a warehouse in Los Santos.

When Dax fires a Rocket Launcher at Labrat to snap him out of a drug-induced paranoia, Luchadora tells him off for firing it inside The Freakshop. As Isiah Friedlander's Goons arrive and kidnap Labrat, Dax and Luchadora and at least one Fooligan female join in the defence of The Freakshop alongside the player.

Luchadora then joins the player at FriedMind Pharmaceutical Corporation HQ in Eclipse Medical Tower to rescue Labrat and confronts Isiah Friedlander when he outlines his reasons for the abduction.

Two Fooligans then scope out Parsons Rehabilitation Center and are joined by the player, Dax and Luchadora assaulting the clinic in an act of revenge before the trio are drugged by Friedlander's new acid-based drug and experience the four part trip, including fighting against their own ego-clones.

Luchadora then steals a Velum 5-Seater and parks it in the LS River for the player to use to stage a mid-air hi-jack of Friedlander's escaping Cargo Plane and she helps fight through the goons to the cockpit. After landing, the police arrive at Sandy Shores Airfield and she fights alongside the player to keep them busy while Dax loads the stolen drugs and supplies into a Mule Custom. She then gets into a Glendale Custom and acts as a decoy, dragging some of the cops away to the north as the player and Dax return the truck south to The Freakshop.

Mission Appearances[]

Grand Theft Auto Online[]

Los Santos Drug Wars[]

Members and Associates[]




Grand Theft Auto V[]

Two can usually be found hanging out with rednecks at The Boat House in Sandy Shores between 11am and 6pm during the day and up to four can be found drinking and smoking in a ruined house along the shore of the Alamo Sea between 6pm and 4am at night.

Grand Theft Auto Online[]

They still occupy The Boat House.

After the Los Santos Drug Wars update, they take over Trevor Philips Enterprises' meth lab at Ace Liquor in Sandy Shores, and later set up The Freakshop in the Mirror Park Railyard.



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