FlyBoy is an unseen character in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. His only appearance is when he sends an email to protagonist Huang Lee.


In his email to Huang Lee, he reveals that FlyU6 has teamed up with the NOOSE, to give away free flights to some regions of the world:




Wow! FlyU6 has teamed up with the National Office of Security Enforcement to give away free flights to exotic destinations such as Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and other so-called rogue states. To qualify, simply turn up at an airport booked on any of our flights, and who knows - you could be jetting off someplace else, on the flight of your life, all expenses paid

This opprtunity is open to everyone ...and we mean EVERYONE!

Don't delay, book today!

When booking please note that FlyU6 will not sell-on your private details to criminals, hackers, or terrorists (outside of the US)."


  • FlyBoy might be an employee, or be related to FlyU6.
  • The final paragraph of the email reveals that FlyU6 possibly sells their clients' information to American criminals, hackers and terrorists.


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