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Flint Water is a short section of water that is located near Fallen Tree, Beacon Hill, The Panopticon and the FleischBerg brewery in Blueberry. It is part of the water system that connects the body of water near the Easter Bay Airport to Los Santos Inlet. A short river also connects Flint Water and Fisher's Lagoon, another prominent body of water in the countryside.

Nearby Bridges

The Panopticon Arch Bridge


Flint Water appears to be loosely based on Big Bear Lake, California.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Flint Water is featured in the first part of the mission Cut Throat Business, when Carl and Madd Dogg arrive at where OG Loc's music video is being shot. Loc then attempts to escape using one of the Vortex hovercrafts nearby, so Carl and Madd Dogg use the remaining hovercrafts to chase him down along parts of Flint Water and eventually Santa Maria Beach. Some Marquis boats are placed on the water as obstacles during the chase.