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Observe security at the Fleeca Bank on the Western Highway. Then collect Paige and some equipment from the factory, and come back to the apartment to plan the score.
— Brief.
We're driving out to the bank, taking a look at it, picking up some equipment, and then heading back to make our plans. Not very complex at all.
Lester Crest

Scope Out is the first heist setup for the Fleeca Job in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Lester will be in contact about the Job soon.
Alright. We might be ready to move on this thing. If you want the work, you'll get a knock on your door any minute.
— Lester's phone call
Go to the planning room in your Apartment to trigger the Heist. There is an upfront setup cost that pays for any equipment required to complete the job.

After meeting with Lester at his garment factory, the player must return to their high-end apartment planning room (marked on the Radar with the Blips-GTAO-Heist.png icon) and commence the setup. After recruiting another team member, they both exit the apartment and drive Lester to the Fleeca bank on the Great Ocean Highway using Lester's car.

After observing the bank, they must then return to Lester's garment factory. On the way, whichever crew member is not driving is required to practice the hacking minigame using Lester's software. The minigame consists of a constantly moving line that the player must guide from a start point to an end point. If it touches anything but the exit it fails and has to be restarted. There are 3 levels to complete, with each one increasing in difficulty. Continued failure slows down the speed of the point but reduces the achievement level. Upon completing the minigame, Lester will congratulate the passenger.

Upon arrival at the garment factory, Paige Harris is waiting by a Granger with the heist supplies and the crew must leave the Asea and deliver this back to the heist Leader's apartment garage to complete the setup mission.

Mission Objectives

  • Get in Lester's car.
  • Take Lester to the Fleeca Bank.
  • Take Lester to his factory.
  • Get in the Granger.
  • Deliver the Granger to the garage.



Video Walkthrough


  • Although the players use iFruit mobile phones in GTA Online, during the hacking minigame the player will be given a BitterSweet phone. This also happens in the finale.


  • When the driver regains control after Lester shows footage of the security cameras, for a short amount of time the driver will not be steering the steering wheel if they turn the wheels. This can be seen clearer in first-person.
  • After picking up Paige and using her vehicle, she will converse with Lester in the back of said vehicle. Going into first person mode and looking back, one can notice that not only does Lester's lips do not move when speaking but Paige's do whenever he speaks.