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This article refers to the entire heist series. For the Heist Finale, see The Fleeca Job.
Not to be confused with The Bank Contract.

Prove your worth as a heist crew member by taking down a small Fleeca Bank franchise on the Western Highway. Scope it out, get your getaway car then take it down and get out clean.
— Heist description

Fleeca Job is the first Heist available to be completed in Grand Theft Auto Online. It was added in the Heists Update.


The Heist is first triggered when the GTA Online Protagonist visits Lester Crest at his warehouse.

Look, ah, we need to talk. I've got a proposition that might be mutually advantageous. Come to my warehouse off the freeway. We'll discuss it.
— Lester's call after meeting him at his home.
Visit Lester at LesterWhite-HUDIcon.png to discuss a potential Job opportunity.

Later, Lester would call the player, telling them the Heist is ready. Lester assists in planning and performing a robbery on the Fleeca Bank branch located on the Great Ocean Highway.

The Heist consists of two Heist Setups and one finale. It is completed with a total of 2 players, making it one of the easiest Heists to be completed.

Heists Setups

Scope Out
Observe security at the Fleeca Bank on the Western Highway. Then collect Paige and some equipment from the factory, and come back to the apartment to plan the score.
— Heist Setup description.
Main article: Fleeca Job - Kuruma
Source the getaway car for the Fleeca Job. It's currently being looked after by a Little Seoul stick up crew in a Del Perro parking lot.
— Heist Setup description.


The Fleeca Job
Main article: The Fleeca Job
Take down the Fleeca franchise. The driver controls the crowd. The driller gets box 167 from the vault. Then everyone gets out and gets away in the Kuruma.
— Heist description.



GTA Online Heist 1 - The Fleeca Job (Elite Challenge & Criminal Mastermind)


  • The Fleeca Job appears to have been through major changes before its release, as indicated by remaining audio in the DLC files:
    • Originally, the heist itself was to take on three (later stated to be five) Fleeca branches, rather than just the one. One other known branch includes the Fleeca branch on Vespucci Boulevard, Pillbox Hill. Also found are audio files for heist setups for this heist:
    • A preparation mission involving stealing Seasharks as getaway vehicles - the Seasharks were going to be located next to the Del Perro Pier. Lester tells the players to take the Seasharks and take them down Vespucci Beach, into the storm drains. An audio file of what is presumed to be a lifeguard can be heard, shouting "Come back with that thing!" Given Lester discusses the potential of the crime being reported, it's also presumed the players must lose a wanted level before dropping off the Seasharks.
    • A preparation mission involving setting up explosives on power station sub-stations - Lester claims that the players will be switching the lights off when hitting the banks, and tells them they will need to fit explosives to different sub-stations around the city that can be triggered during the heist. Initially, this setup was "risk-free", with Lester claiming "our broke-ass city can't afford to pay the guards to run full-shifts anymore", and that they'll be hitting these sub-stations when they're off. However, during the setup, Lester discovers security guards are about to come back on duty at the stations, stating that "they found something in the budget", and that "security guards are the only city workers not losing their jobs today." He then tells the players to "do something about them", likely killing them. Other audio files reveal taking too long to plant the charges will fail the mission, while damaging the explosives can cause them to detonate early, also failing the mission.
    • The finale, as Lester calls it, "The Fleeca Money-Back Guarantee", involves hitting the three banks one at a time. Lester's instructions at bank number one are very similar in structure to The Pacific Standard Job - gunmen enter the bank first, dealing with the staff, while the demolitions blow the vault and grab the money. At this point, Lester triggers the explosives at the sub-stations, telling the team to continue onto the next bank. On the second bank, the routine is the same, however, Lester claims to be hearing "noise on the wire", indicating police have been alerted. On the penultimate bank, Lester prompts the team to hurry up, as they're running out of time. On the final bank, the police at City Hall has heard from Fleeca, and have deployed units waiting at the final franchise, ruining the plan. The vault doors lock the players out, and there are only 2 minutes until the lights come on. Outside, the police have impounded the getaway bikes and have cleared the area, surrounding the bank. Rethinking the escape plan, Lester tells the team to fight their way across Legion Square from the Fleeca franchise, and make their way to a parking lot on the corner of Elgin and San Andreas Avenue. Stealing a vehicle, Lester instructs them to take a left, a quick left again, and a right, leading towards the LS River. On the train tracks, a gap in the wall leads into the river, where the Seasharks were dropped off. Finally, the players must split up and lose the cops. In the end, the players make it with only 10 seconds to spare. Lester is overwhelmed that the players pulled off the heist.[1]