"The Fleeca card is the high-interest loan that keeps on giving."
― Description at LCN.com.

Fleeca (pronounced "FLEE-sah") is a banking and credit card company featured across the HD Universe. The player can buy stocks from them on the Lcn-exchange.com website in Grand Theft Auto V.


Grand Theft Auto IV

Fleeca has three radio ads which includes its slogan "Fleeca, it's time to start paying". In the Public Liberty Radio program The Séance, a guest on the show gives her Fleeca card number over the air, whereupon the host, Beatrix Fontaine, says that her card will be "very secure." In TW@ internet cafes and in many other stores in the city, Fleeca credit cards are accepted. There's also a Fleeca company building in The Exchange, Algonquin.

Russian players who pre-ordered GTA IV received a Niko Bellic Fleeca card with his name, serial no., length of validity and date of commission.[1]

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

A Fleeca card found in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Though there are no ads in the radio stations in GTA Chinatown Wars, Fleeca ads can be seen throughout the city, with the same image as in GTA IV.

Grand Theft Auto V

A stack of money in GTA V, secured with a Fleeca bank strap.

In GTA V, along with offering credit cards, Fleeca now operates a series of physical banks named Fleeca Bank around San Andreas. These banks are accessible but no cashiers or employees appear inside. The banks are not featured in any missions and the vaults cannot be opened. Its in-game website is www.fleeca.com.

Any money the player picks up takes the form of a stack of $100 bills wrapped in a Fleeca bank strap.

Grand Theft Auto Online

In GTA Online, however, The Fleeca Bank branch in Great Ocean Highway is the main target during the Fleeca Job heist. Lester says that this branch is a good target because it got some bonds guarded in deposit boxes that are being hidden from the taxman, so no one will report missing and also the light security. The crew first scope the bank to take as much information as they can, steal an Armored Kuruma to assist in the getaway, and then the crew steals the deposit box 167 in the finale.

It is possible to glitch into the Fleeca banks using the phone glitch and standing in a certain place. There is a safe, although the player cannot open it with explosives, melee, or bullets, and the door behind the counter is locked so it's not possible to get into that area.


In GTA IV, there is only one branch within Liberty City. In GTA V, however, five branches are located in Los Santos itself while two are outside the city:

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto V


It appears that Fleeca is based on the real world VISA credit card although the logo seems to bear similarities to the real world e-commerce company Neteller.

Notable People with Fleeca card and account


www.fleeca.com is the official website of the bank in Grand Theft Auto V. Only Franklin can access it, as Michael uses www.maze-bank.com and Trevor www.thebankofliberty.com.



  • Dave Grossman offers his Fleeca card to Johnny Klebitz for a job during his Random Encounter.
  • During Club Management, Luis Lopez has to pick up famous actor Bruce Spade from Northwood and take him to Maisonette 9 by helicopter. Bruce tells Luis he was in town to shoot a Fleeca commercial with a brilliant young director.
  • Fleeca comes from "fleecer", which means a person that cons or tricks people out of money.
    • Therefore, the pronunciation of the word is "fleesa" rather than "fleeka", this might be so it sounds similar to the word Visa, which is the brand it's parodying.
  • Each Fleeca bank branch has an inaccessible vault. In GTA Online, however, these vaults can be entered with a glitch seen in this video. Blaine County Savings Bank can be also entered by the same way.
  • One of The Three Bankers that Franklin pick up in the mission Clown Car for the Downtown Cab Co, works in the Fleeca Bank of Hawick Avenue.
  • One of the posters inside any branch in GTA V says "Money for nothing? no problem." This is a reference to the Dire Straits song "Money for Nothing".
  • Some of the posters found in GTA V reveal that 2013 is the 100th anniversary of Fleeca, suggesting that the company was founded in 1913.

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