For the mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, see Flatline.
"You owe me a pound of flesh, Uri, remember? And I fully intend to get to the 'heart' of the matter."
Zhou Ming to Uri

Flatliner is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, given to protagonist Huang Lee by club owner Zhou Ming. This mission also serves as the tutorial for the Paramedic minigame.


Zhou wants Huang to pick up an old friend of his called Uri from the airport, and his friend is on a medical release. But there are problems: Uri is a criminal and thus his ambulance is under LCPD protection.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:


The reward for this mission is $150. The mission Bomb Disposal is unlocked.

Mission Replay Description

"Zhou's fucking crazy! He had me pick up an ex-colleague of his just so he could cut his heart out.

The guy's got issues!"




Take Zhou's car and quickly head to the airport before Uri is released. Once the player is there, they will need to get rid of four police officers armed with Nightsticks. Once they are disposed of, steal the ambulance and drive back to Zhou's club.

The player will gain a three star Wanted Level upon exiting the airport. Avoid ramming things to keep Uri's heart strong. If the player hits too many things or hits too hard, then Uri will flatline. If he flatlines, repeatedly tap the small heart icon with the stylus (DS), tap the L and R buttons (PSP), or repeatedly tap the heart monitor (iOS/Android) until his heart rate returns to normal.

Once the player has returned to Zhou's apartment, the final cutscene will show Zhou cutting the heart of his colleague out of his chest with the dagger (much to Huang's shock) and saying that now that he and Huang have killed a man together, they are blood brothers.


  • In the mobile version, once the player enters the ambulance, if they tap the game pause button, they can see a "Quit Mission" option on the upper-left corner, just as it would be in paramedic missions. However, it is unusable.

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