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Not to be confused with Flash FM.

You were yesterday! And make it a double today, it's old pop on Flashback!
— Station jingle in GTA Liberty City Stories

Flashback FM is a radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto III, and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It plays retro pop music and italo disco.

In 1998 (the setting for GTA Liberty City Stories) the station is hosted by Reni Wassulmaier. However, by 2001 (the setting for GTA III) she has been replaced by Toni.


The station has a retro style and airs music from around twenty years prior to the events of its game (1983 for GTA III, late 1970s for Liberty City Stories).

Flashback's idents and imaging voice mock the nostalgic nature of the radio, with comments such as "for people who just can't let go".

All the songs featured in Flashback FM were composed and produced by digital music pioneer Giorgio Moroder, many appear in his soundtracks for films.


Grand Theft Auto III[]

Song: Preview: Notes:
"Rush Rush" by Debbie Harry (1983)
Game edit starts at 0:13 and ends at 3:20.
"Shake It Up" by Elizabeth Daily (1983)
Game edit ends at 3:17.
"Scarface (Push It to the Limit)" by Paul Engemann (1983)
Game edit ends at 2:35.
"She's On Fire" by Amy Holland (1983)
Game edit ends at 3:19.
"I'm Hot Tonight" by Elizabeth Daily (1983)

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories[]

Song: Preview:
"I Wanna Rock You" by Giorgio Moroder (1979)
"E=MC²" by Giorgio Moroder (1979)
"From Here to Eternity" by Giorgio Moroder (1977)
"Chase" by Giorgio Moroder (1978)
"First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love" by Giorgio Moroder (1977)
"I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone" by Giorgio Moroder (1977)


  • All the songs on the GTA III playlist were featured in the 1983 hit film Scarface, the soundtrack for which was produced by Giorgio Moroder. Rockstar Games have cited Scarface as a major influence on both GTA III and the wider Grand Theft Auto series.
  • A preview of Debbie Harry's "Rush Rush" can be heard in the GTA III version of Lips 106.
  • On all versions of GTA III, at the start of the song "Shake It Up" by Elizabeth Daily, Toni talks about being on a tour bus where Duran Duran were playing. However, the part where Duran Duran's name is being mentioned is muted. The unmuted line can be found on the official website for the game.
  • In GTA III, some of the Hoods may randomly sing "Push it to the Limit". Paramedics will also randomly sing some of the songs from this station, alongside songs from Head Radio, K-JAH and Lips 106.
  • In GTA III this is the Colombian Cartel's second favorite radio station, however in GTA Liberty City Stories this is the Triads' favorite radio station.
  • "The Chase" by Giorgio Moroder was featured in the launch trailer for the iOS version of GTA Liberty City Stories.

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