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"Two teams, two flags, one objective: what's yours is mine, what's mine stays mine. The classic capture the flag formula reworked Arena War style to include enough gasoline-chugging violence to appeal to a mainstream audience."

Flag War is an Arena War Adversary Mode in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Arena War update.


Depending on whether or not the host of the match enables "Team Balancing", players can switch between teams before the game starts. With Team Balancing enabled, the number of total players joined is divided into two, and the option to "Join Team" before loading is disabled. The host also has the options to set the number of rounds - from one to four.

Once the match begins, the two teams start at opposite ends of the arena. They are tasked with fighting their war to the enemy's flag, located near their starting positions, and delivering it to their side of the arena. Players can also try to prevent the enemy team from taking their flag - either by destroying them or blocking access to the flag.

Once a player steals the flag, they will receive instructions to deliver the flag to their base; orange or purple smoke (depending on the colour of the team) will also start emerging from the rear of the vehicle. All other players will receive a notification that a flag - theirs or the enemy's - has been captured. Should the player carrying a flag be killed, the flag will be dropped at that location. Another player from the same team can then pick it up; if a player from the other team touches it, it is returned to its starting position at the base.

Each flag that is successfully delivered will increase that team's score by one. Once the timer runs out, the team with the highest score wins the round.


There are three variations of Flag War for each Arena War theme: Apocalypse, Future Shock, and Nightmare.

All three maps are open-space and do not consist of any circuits or laps. The pit lane is closed and fences are enabled.

Image Location Map
FlagWarI-GTAO-JobImage Flag War I takes place in an Apocalypse Arena setup. FlagWarI-GTAO-Map
FlagWarII-GTAO-JobImage Flag War II takes place in a Future Shock Arena setup. FlagWarII-GTAO-Map
FlagWarIII-GTAO-JobImage Flag War III takes place in a Nightmare Arena setup. FlagWarIII-GTAO-Map


Steal the enemy team's flag and deliver it to your base. The team with the most flags delivered at the end of the round will win.




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