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For the mission of the same name in GTA IV, see First Date (GTA IV)

Catalina: "My name's Catalina, and we're going to take this county for every stinking cent!"
CJ: "Ok. Good plan, I guess..."
Catalina: "You're damn straight it's a good plan."
Carl Johnson and Catalina discussing their money making plans

First Date is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Catalina from The Welcome Pump bar in the town of Dillimore in Red County, San Andreas.


Catalina is inside The Welcome Pump in Dillimore and is threatening two men with a knife. Carl enters the room and explains to her that he is looking for a friend's cousin, who he discovers is Catalina. The two leave The Welcome Pump and Catalina explains to Carl that they are going to rob four locations across the county: a Gasso petrol station, an Inside Track betting shop, a liquor store and a bank.


There is no monetary reward for completing the mission, which is technically a cutscene; the only thing Carl needs to do is arrive with (or obtain afterward) a vehicle. The missions Tanker Commander, Against All Odds, Local Liquor Store and Small Town Bank are unlocked. However, after completing the chosen mission, the other three missions need unlocking once again. Upon completion of the first job, The Truth will also invite Carl by phone to meet him at a motel in Angel Pine.


Inside The Welcome Pump bar in Dillimore, Cesar Vialpando's cousin, Catalina, is seen threatening a few men with a knife.
Catalina: You want some, fatso? You big streak of yankee piss, I've seen fucking eunuchs with more balls than you!
Carl Johnson soon enters the bar.
Catalina: What the fuck do you want?!
CJ: Nothing, I'm looking for a friend of mine's cousin - Mexican guy, he ain't here.
Catalina: You? But Cesar said you was a real man.
CJ: Lady, I'm a God fearing, peace loving man of the people!
Catalina: Whatever, asshole, let's go.
CJ: Damn, relax, baby!
CJ and Catalina go outside.
Catalina: Where's your car?
CJ: Where's yours?
Catalina: Ladies don't drive themselves, that's what men are for!
CJ: (sarcastically) Oh my goodness, thanks, Cesar! Appreciate this, homie! So, what's your name, where we going?
Catalina: My name is Catalina and we gonna take this county for every stinking cent!
CJ: OK, good plan, I guess.
Catalina: You're damn straight it's a good plan! I've cased four soft targets: a liquor store in Blueberry, a bank in Palomino Creek, a gas station in Dillimore, and a betting shop in Montgomery.
CJ: Hold up, which one first?
Catalina: You're the driver, you dumb pig, you choose!
CJ and Catalina head to the first place they rob.

Post-Mission Phone Call

Carl: Yes?

The Truth: Carl.

Carl: Who is this?

The Truth: You know me - this is the Truth.

Carl: No, I don't.

The Truth: Perfection. They said you were a moron.

Carl: Who?

The Truth: Okay, you can drop the act now, kid.

Carl: You with the police?

The Truth: No, we have a mutual friend and business partner.

Carl: We do? Who?

The Truth: Yes. Have you killed any cops lately?

Carl: Oh, man, Tenpenny! I should've known, that asshole.

The Truth: So, I've got a room at a motel in Angel Pine. Make sure nobody follows you.


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  • The song playing in the background cutscene is "Green River" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. The song is also heard on the in-game station K-DST.
  • This mission, along with First Base, Gone Courting and Made In Heaven are considered to be along the storylines of Bonnie and Clyde, who were also a couple on a robbery spree.
  • Carl tells Catalina that he's a "God fearing man" hinting he believes in God.
  • There are unique dialogues from Catalina if the player chooses to do any robbery mission for the first date besides Tanker Commander. Because the other robberies all require the player to return to Catalina's hideout when the job is done, Catalina will tell Carl about her hideout in Fern Ridge and then tell him how to get there. More dialogue between Carl and Catalina can be heard while returning to the base (see video).