"Set up a fireworks display."
―Description from Ammu-Nation

Fireworks are featured in the Independence Day Special update for Grand Theft Auto Online.


It's a limited-time item, along with the Firework Launcher. It is only available in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Consist of small cones that contains various fireworks. It can be placed at the ground and then, launch various bursts. Each firework has different burst settings that the player can buy in three patriotic-themed colors. Unlike the Firework Launcher, it is not harmful to a player.

The fireworks are manufactured by Super Burst.

Settings (player's inventory)

  1. Type: The type of burst that a firework can do. There are 4 types of customizations: Fountain, Shotburst, Starburst and Trailburst.
  2. Color: The color of the firework that the player wants to be. There are 3 colors. Red, White and Blue.
  3. Timer: The time that a firework starts to igniting and launching. It can be adjusted between 0 and 60 seconds.
  4. Place: The action where the player can put the firework at the ground. Only can be done in flat areas and at least with 1 set of fireworks.
  5. Play: The action where fireworks are activated. At this point, fireworks are launched in a predetermined time (depending on the timer setting).


  • Red Fountain - $475
  • White Fountain - $475
  • Blue Fountain - $475
  • Red Shotburst - $380
  • White Shotburst - $380
  • Blue Shotburst - $380
  • Red Starburst - $285
  • White Starburst - $285
  • Blue Starburst - $285
  • Red Trailburst - $190
  • White Trailburst - $190
  • Blue Trailburst - $190



  • Even though Fireworks are in the weapon category it does not appear in the player's Weapon Wheel, instead it appears in the player's inventory.
  • This item resembles the Volcano 4000 Firework from Bully, another Rockstar game.


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