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"Government contract to combat a large-scale multi-source hack on government data. Use rocket powered Voltics to get close to enemy agents and wipe their hard drives."

Firewall Protection is a Special Vehicle Work mission in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the GTA Online: Import/Export update. It is the "Rocket Voltic Mission".


The Assistant tells the players to go at Backlot City and take SecuroServ's modified Voltics with rocket boost and transmitters. After taking the cars out of the complex, the assistant briefs the mission to the team.

There are four unknown agents pulling data from unprotected networks and SecuroServ wants to wipe their systems, but they first need to locate and maintain a connection with the transmitters fitted into every Rocket Voltic, so they can jam them and wipe their systems remotely. When the players are close to a target, the player must use the hacking app from their Mobile Phones, while avoiding oncoming attacks from the agent's Kuruma and a first generation Baller protecting them.

After wiping out their devices, the assistant orders the players to go back at the SecuroServ's base to analyze the metadata. However, at the destination, attackers are raiding the base and SecuroServ agents are fighting back. The team has to help the agents and eliminate the attackers before they manage to enter the base. After eliminating the targets, the assistant will notify that those were the last of them, completing the mission.