Fire Truck is one of the many Heist Setups in Grand Theft Auto:V. It is encountered as a Heist Setup if the player chooses the Fire Crew option during Architect's Plans. This mission involves the player stealing a Fire Truck and driving it to the lockup before it is used in The Bureau Raid. To do this mission, one can simply steal a Fire Truck from a nearby Fire Station

Gold Medal Objectives

  • What is your Emergency? - Call 911 to contact the fire department
  • Not a Scratch - Deliver the Fire Truck with no damage


  • The easist way to complete this mission is to call 911 on the player's cell phone, then press the button to call the fire department. When the Fire Truck arrives, the player can quickly steal it and drive to the lockup. This method is also required to get the gold medal in this mission.
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