Final Build Construction is a construction company featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The company is based in Vice City in 1984, with their headquarters being located in Little Havana. However, by 1986, they have left Vice City.

In 1992, the company had expanded into San Andreas. The company has significant construction work across the state, including several sites in Blueberry, Red County and The Clown's Pocket casino in Las Venturas. The company headquarters seems to be in the Las Venturas Airport, north from the LVA Freight Depot. Final Build Construction is a sponsor for the Las Venturas Bandits baseball team, as their advertisements can be seen inside the Las Venturas Bandits Stadium. The Final Build Construction logo is also featured on several Rumpo vans.

The company also has expanded into Liberty City sometime before 1998, as they are shown to be building the five-pointed apartment complex in Hepburn Heights in Portland Island. In the mission Snuff, it is shown that the Sindacco Family own the construction site, but they are wiped out by Toni Cipriani on orders of Joseph Daniel O'Toole so he could leave the Sindaccos join the Leone Family.

By 2000, the company have completed the apartment complex in Hepburn Heights.



  • The name "Final Build" is a term used by videogame developers to describe a game that is in its final stage of developing.

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