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The Ferry is a transport form in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The ferry service is a system of motorized boats capable of carrying road vehicles and pedestrians. The entire system consists of two ferry terminals (one in Harwood, Portland and the other in Rockford, Staunton Island), and two identical large, blue-and-white ferries that alternate between both terminals.

In order to use a ferry service, the player must wait until a ferry is docked at a ferry terminal, at which point a yellow halo marker will appear on the dock in front of the ferry. The player must then drive or walk into the halo, and press a button in order to confirm entry into the ferry. Each ferry ride is $25. The journey can last for up to two minutes, due largely to the slow speed of the ferry, although the player can skip to the period when the ferry arrives at its destination to save time. Like the Subway Car, the ferries cannot be stolen and controlled, neither can the player jump onto the ferry, as there is no solid platform to land on.


The ferry service is threatened by two new road links, the Callahan Bridge and Porter Tunnel, both of which are under construction during events in the game. The possible obsolescence of the ferry service spurred union members to stage a strike that momentarily shut down ferry services, cutting Portland off from the rest of the city. It is only after assurances by the mayor's office that some of the workers returned to work (as depicted during "Driving Mr. Leone"), returning the ferry to normal service.

It is implied the ferry system was ultimately shut down following GTA Liberty City Stories, as little remains of the service during events in Grand Theft Auto III, which is set three years later, in 2001. The Portland terminal was demolished for the Portland exit of the Porter Tunnel while Phil's Army Surplus was erected in place of the Staunton terminal.



GTA Liberty City Stories (PSP) – Ferry Service


The GTASA Ferry map.

  • Internal files reveal an unused Ferry map in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, though the map itself doesn't appear in-game. The map is internally named "CJ FERRY MAP".
  • The ferry terminals each feature two docks, though only one dock is used at either terminal.
  • In the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV a ferry is shown, named "Liberty Ferry", suggesting that the ferries would be present in Liberty City. These ferries don't appear in the game, though there is a ferry terminal in Alderney.
  • The ferry is the only ship in the 3D Universe to feature a horn.