The Ferris Whale along with the Leviathan.

The Ferris Whale is a ferris wheel located at the Del Perro Pier at the fairground called the Pleasure Pier in Los Santos. The Ferris Whale allows you to switch between first-person view and a cinematic view allowing players to get a better view of the pier. The Ferris Whale can be ridden by the player and it costs $8 to do so. The Ferris Whale sits beside the Leviathan Roller Coaster on the pier. If the player picks the "Deathwish ending", Trevor is sent here to kill Steve Haines, who is being filmed while riding the ferris wheel. The Ferris Whale is based on the Pacific Wheel at Pacific Park

In GTA Online, rides cost $10.

The wheel is one of Los Santos' most prominent landmarks at night, its lights visible from elevated positions across the city and aircraft.


  • There was also an unnamed Ferris Wheel based on the Pacific Wheel in GTA San Andreas.
  • This is the second time that a rideable Ferris Wheel has been featured in the GTA series, the first time was in GTA Vice City Stories, where the Chunder Wheel was featured.

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