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Fern Ridge is a heavily-forested area in Red County, San Andreas. Nearby areas include Hampton Barns, Montgomery, Blueberry and Hilltop Farm. It has numerous trees and dirt roads, and it is a large landmass.

Catalina's hideout is located in this area, and it is the only structure on the hill. The place also serves as a save point for the player, but only after the mission King in Exile. The save point is located right beside the cabin. Catalina's missions are also accessed here. There are 3 graves near Catalina's house with a shovel near them, implying that Catalina killed and buried people here.

The top of Fern Ridge commands views of nearly all towns in Red County, Downtown Los Santos, and Las Venturas, even with Playstation 2 draw distance.

Stationary Vehicles

  • Buffalo - Beside the cabin, Catalina's car.


  • Shovel - Beside the makeshift graves.


Fern Ridge is based on Floriston, California.