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The things those people did to me. I'm an American citizen.
— Kerimov after being rescued from the IAA debrief team.

Ferdinand Kerimov, also known as Mr. K, is a supporting character that appears in Grand Theft Auto V.


Kerimov lives in Morningwood, Los Santos, with his family. He looks to be around his mid to late thirties or early forties and wears what appears to be a holy cross around his neck.

He works as a home theatre technician, including installations for a neighbor of Michael De Santa in Caesars Place in Rockford Hills (where The Real Cunts of Suburbia is being filmed), and Tahir Javan's home on Ineseno Road, Chumash. He claims to be friends with Tahir Javan on Lifeinvader [1].

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

During 2013, both the FIB and the IAA are involved in a bureaucratic fight over which agency will receive more government funding. The IAA kidnapped Kerimov six weeks earlier and faked his death to "remove him from the record", then hold him as an intelligence asset[2] and possible jihadist for "debrief"[3]. Michael is ordered to verify the identity of his corpse at the Los Santos County Coroner Office in Davis and has to fight his way out of the building after discovering the cadaver is a "large black woman" instead. Under the orders of Steve Haines, Michael, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips extract him from the 36th floor of the IAA Headquarters in the midst of a violent interrogation session led by Karen Daniels. This rescue only serves to put him into the hands of the FIB who take him to a warehouse.

I know Azerbaijanis. Kyrgystanis. Tajikistanis. Whatever you want huh?
— Kerimov to Trevor and Steve Haines.

Kerimov is then brutally tortured by Trevor under Steve's supervision, until he gives them enough information so that Michael and Dave Norton can locate and kill Tahir Javan. He is tortured to the point where he cries and is mentally broken.

Afterwards, Steve gives Trevor the order to kill Kerimov, claiming that he will no longer be useful. Trevor decides instead to let Kerimov live, because he doesn't like taking orders from government types, and also because Kerimov must "deliver a message" about the pointlessness of torture, stating the torture only 'works' for the torturer's amusement or if the torturee gets off on that sort of thing. He drives Kerimov to the airport, ignoring his complaints about his poor health and wanting to see his family again, and tells him to fly out of the country. Once dropped off at the airport, Kerimov attempts to run away. Instead of entering the airport terminal, he stumbles at the top of a flight of stairs that lead down to the entry to the airport LST station and immediately disappears. He is never seen nor mentioned again after this.

If his tooth was pulled out by Trevor during the torture session, it will appear in Floyd's Apartment along with the pliers used to pull it out.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto V



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