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Felipe is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, that appears in the mission Fare Needs Excitement of the Private Taxi Fare side missions.


Not much is know about Felipe's life prior to the events of the game, he comes from a very rich family and his father is an important client of the Downtown Cab Co. He developed a fetish for adrenaline and is constantly putting his own life in danger to satisfy his adrenaline junkie lifestyle.

Events of GTA V

Felipe calls for a taxi and will be waiting in the entrance of the Mount Zonah Medical Center in Rockford Hills. He asks Franklin to take him to the Vinewood Sign, so he can meet some friends that are waiting for him there. He also says to Franklin that he will give him a bigger tip, if he drives as fast and dangerously as he can to his destination.

Along the way, Felipe mentions that he was in the hospital because he was trying to climb the Arcadius Business Center in Pillbox Hill, but slipped and fell after climbing just one floor. His doctor said the he had internal bleeding, but Felipe ignored him and left the hospital without his permission to go meet his friends.

When Franklin reach the Vinewood Sign, Felipe will either thank him for the ride (if the player drove reckless enough) or say that the ride was very boring (if the player did not drive reckless enough). If he says it was boring, he will run away, asking Franklin to catch him if he wants the money. Catching up to him and threatening him with a weapon will cause him to pay Franklin the fare.


  • Felipe can be killed after being dropped off.
  • Felipe's friends seem to dislike his attitude, made apparent during the taxi ride when Felipe says that they didn't want him to go meet them at the Vinewood Sign. So when he and Franklin does reach the sign, no one is there to meet Felipe and he even questions where his friends are.
    • Felipe's personality is very similar to another GTA V character, Dom Beasley.