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Catalina: "It's too late! I don't love you no more! I love another, OK?"
CJ: "What? Then what the fuck was this about?!"
Catalina: "I cannot keep my passions holed up. They need a release. That was a good release, like hitting a man with a frying pan while he sleeps."
Catalina and Carl Johnson after she beats his car with a crowbar

Farewell, My Love... is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Varrios Los Aztecas leader Cesar Vialpando from The Panopticon in Red County, San Andreas. Despite the mission being given by Cesar, he does not appear. It is also the final physical appearance of Catalina.


Catalina arrives at the meet. She kisses her new lover, as Carl notices her. Catalina complains about what Carl is doing; racing instead of treating her well, after what she had done for him. Carl argues that it's Catalina's fault, saying it's 'just business'. However, Catalina actually meant that she had feelings for him. Carl contradicts that he raced for the both of them, trying to fix relations between the two. However, Catalina already has another lover, Claude. She then challenges Carl to a race, wanting to prove that Carl is jealous and a coward.

Carl and Catalina get in their respective vehicles as the race starts. Carl speedily traverses to different areas of Red County in a ZR-350 until he reaches the finish line near the town of Montgomery first. As Catalina and Claude reach the finish line, she complains that Carl had an advantage. After his victory, Carl asks what his reward is, thinking it would either be a pink slip or money. What she gives him, however, is a deed to a garage in San Fierro. They need Claude's vehicle, as they will go off to Liberty City, and after another light argument, Catalina and Claude leave.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Win the race.


There is no reward for completing this mission, but the mission Are You Going to San Fierro? is unlocked.




At the Panopticon, Claude is seen fixing up his ZR-350. His girlfriend, Catalina, arrives in a Sadler, grabs a crowbar and kisses him on the cheek, before turning her sights on Carl Johnson and his car, another ZR-350.
CJ: Damn, man, now what?
Catalina: PIG!
CJ: What? What'd I do now?
Catalina: Oh, so this is where you been, eh? This is how you repay my tenderness! You prefer the curves of some car to those of a real woman?
CJ: Look, Catalina, you called it off, remember, 'just business'.
Catalina: What kind of a man are you? When I say 'just business', I mean that I love you!
Catalina hits CJ's car with her crowbar.
CJ: (not in subtitles) What the fuck?!
Catalina: When I say I no interested no more, I mean that I long for you!
Catalina hits CJ's car again.
Catalina: And when I say that I missed you..!
CJ: Wait, Catalina, wait! Leave my car alone, I did this for us, for me and you!
Catalina: It's too late. I don't love you no more. I love another, OK?
CJ: What? Then what the fuck was this about?
Catalina: I cannot keep my passions holed up, they need a release. That was a good release, like hitting a man with a frying pan while he sleeps. This, Carl, this is my new man. Are you jealous? Are you going to fight for me?
CJ: No, no, I can take rejection.
Catalina: You are jealous and a coward! Now let's race!
CJ: Crazy bitch.
CJ, Claude, Catalina and two other racers race through the countryside in Red County, going through Blueberry and Blueberry Acres, before finishing the race near Montgomery. While Claude checks his car, Catalina goes to yell at Carl once more.
Catalina: You had the unfair advantage!
CJ: Being a better driver ain't no unfair advantage.
Catalina: You think you're clever, but it is you who is missing the point! Not only was he racing, but he was satisfying me, fully! What are you gonna say about that?
CJ: The advantage of a stick shift, I guess. Yeah, whatever, anyway, man, what is it, cash or pink slip?
Catalina hands CJ a piece of paper.
Catalina: There you go! Goodbye, Mr. Johnson, I will not be missing you!
CJ: Hey, wait a minute, bitch! What is this shit?!
Catalina: The deed to a garage in San Fierro. My lover needs his car so we can go to Liberty City.
CJ: Liberty City? Yeah, whatever, have a good time.
Catalina: I will.
CJ: Fine.
Catalina: OK.
CJ: Go, I ain't gonna miss you.
Catalina: Goodbye!
Claude and Catalina leave.

Post-Mission Phone Call

Carl: What's happenin'?

The Truth: Hey, Carl. Dude, now I got that little mwah-mwah you were after. But, be careful, man, people are listening to us. I got a little green village up in the hills, come and get it. Whoa, man, I don't know you, I don't know you! Prank caller, prank caller!


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  • A different model is used for the ZR-350 in the cutscene. The cutscene variant features default wheels and a highly reflective paintjob (this kind of paintjob isn't seen anywhere else in the game), but the model used in the race is black, with off-road tyres.
  • In the introductory cutscene of Xbox 360 version, there is another ZR-350 behind Catalina's Sadler, that doesn't appear in the other versions of the game.
  • The race map is the exact reverse of the one featured in Wu Zi Mu, and is also the "Badlands B" track.
  • During the race in this mission and also in Badlands B if replayed, Woozie is seen driving the pink Elegy with Catalina as the passenger, although it's supposed to be Claude who drives the Elegy with Catalina.
  • The post-mission phone call is a reference to the Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction.
  • The song playing at the end of the mission is "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode, which can also be heard on Radio X.
  • The name of this mission may be a reference to the 1975 film Farewell, My Lovely.
  • In the files of the game, unused voice tracks of Catalina taunting Carl during the race by complimenting Claude's sex appeal can be found. They were presumably cut for being too distracting for players during the race.
    • These voice tracks, if they were not cut from the game, would have revealed Claude's name for the first time. However, it is not until after the mission Home Coming where Claude's name is revealed.