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The cult of celebrity has gone too far! What kind of whore gives a radio interview instead of giving a hardworking newspaper journalist an exclusive? Destroy these false idols!
"Father" Ned

False Idols is the last mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by news reporter Ned Burner, posing as a reverend, from Bedford Point, Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Toni goes to the cathedral in Bedford Point and is greeted by Ned Burner, who is posing as the local reverend. He tells Toni that he wants some celebrities dead after an unknown female celebrity agrees to do an interview with a radio station over a hardworking journalist. Toni is then faced with killing three celebrities before they reach the LCFR building. Black Lightman travels in a Stretch, DB-P in a bulletproof Patriot, and Faith W. in a helicopter. Toni kills all three and returns to the Cathedral. Upon entering it, he sees Ned Burner, who has revealed his true identity, run out of the cathedral, thanking Toni for helping him get exclusive news reports for the Liberty Tree.

Post-Mission Phone Call

Donald Love: Toni. It's Donald. I have rather a pressing matter that requires your... particular skills. Please call at my office as soon as you can.


The reward for completing the mission is $1,500. If the mission is done before completing Friggin' the Riggin', all weapons unlocked upon completing Friggin' the Riggin' will be unlocked at the same time with the rocket launcher.


  • DB-P - Killed by Toni Cipriani for refusing to give an interview to the Liberty Tree Newspaper.
  • Black Lightman - Killed by Toni Cipriani for refusing to give an interview to the Liberty Tree Newspaper.
  • Faith W. - Killed by Toni Cipriani for refusing to give an interview to the Liberty Tree Newspaper.


Video Walkthrough


  • The helicopter used by Faith W. can be obtained in two different ways, one of which only works on the PS2.
  • The bulletproof yellow Patriot can be obtained different ways. For PSP, Toni has to destroy it and push it into garage. For PS2 the player would have to use a flamethrower and as quickly as they can to get in to garage otherwise bulletproofing will disappear. It is unknown if these methods do work in the mobile version, since it's unconfirmed.
  • The player should be careful about the bodyguards are members of the Forelli Crime Family. They will travel in Black Lightman's limousine and DB-P's Patriot, armed with TEC-9s.
    • If Black Lightman is killed after leaving the limo, his bodyguards will not react.