"The modern urban thug doesn't need fat tires, massive cylinders and reinforced bodywork to make the streets his kingdom. Welcome to a world where the only ride you need has recycled plastic panels, the wheels off a shopping cart and the same engine as your refrigerator. And trust us, when your crew rolls into town that deafening high-pitched whine will strike fear and lust into the hearts of your enemies."
Southern San Andreas Super Autos description.

The Pegassi Faggio Sport (formerly named "Faggio") is a scooter featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony and Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Bikers update.


Grand Theft Auto IV

The Faggio takes the appearance of a modern urban scooter, resembling a cross between a 2000-present Piaggio Zip and a 2007 Peugeot V Clic, while sharing minor styling elements with the Kymco Agility 50 compact scooter.

The Faggio assumes a newer design compared to the iteration from the 3D Universe, featuring a triangle-shaped headlight, small fairing and a small luggage rack on the rear end. The vehicles features "FAGGIO" and "City-XS" badges around it, together with coloured dots representing the Italian flag (possibly a nod to the real-life manufacturer Piaggio).

The Faggio may spawn with a single-tone colour or a two-tone colour, where part of the front, fairing and the portion just below the seat is painted with the secondary colour.

Grand Theft Auto Online

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Returning to Grand Theft Auto Online, the Faggio retains the same design and features, although it receives a different set of badges, being an alternate "FAGGIO" badges without the Italian-themed coloured dots, and the "City-XS" badges replaced by "Pegassi" badges.

Colour distribution is the same as in GTA IV, where the primary one is applied on the body and front mudguard and the secondary one applied on part of the front, fairing and the portion just below the seat. It uses the "Chopper" dial also shared with the Faggio and the Faggio Mod.

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Grand Theft Auto IV

As a modern street scooter, the Faggio Sport has a more powerful engine coupled to a continuously variable transmission drivetrain (despite shifting gears). Its handling has been greatly changed and possesses improved top speed; it is no longer just a slow motorcycle. The Faggio Sport is, unexpectedly, the easiest vehicle to use when performing long wheelies, possibly due to its high center of gravity and shorter wheelbase compared to other motorbikes. When at top speed, the Faggio can slowly outrun any heavy motorcycles, particularly choppers such as the Zombie, the Freeway or the Hellfury.

GTA IV Overview

Vehicle Statistics - Grand Theft Auto IV
(0-60 mph in Seconds)
Top Speed
(mph / kmh)
Gears Engines Drivetrain
(kg / lbs)
N/A 50 / 80 4 N/A RWD 200 / 441
Website Statements / Badges
N/A N/A 4 Single-Cylinder [?] RWD Cannot be observed

Grand Theft Auto Online

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The bike retains its electric CVT engine and is similar in performance to the Faggio Mod. The bike cannot perform wheelies as before, however.

The Faggio is powered by a single-cylinder engine with an electric-like sound, reused from the GTA IV iteration.

GTA Online Overview

Vehicle Statistics - Grand Theft Auto V
(0-60 mph in Seconds)
Top Speed
(mph / kmh)
Gears Engine Drivetrain
(kg / lbs)
Fuel Tank
Size (litres)
Handling.meta [?]
N/A 59 / 95 3 N/A RWD 110 / 243 65
Website Statements [?] / Badges
N/A N/A N/A Single-Cylinder [?] RWD Cannot be observed Cannot be observed
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Grand Theft Auto Online

Category Modification Cost
Armor No Armor $1,000
Armor Upgrade 20% $7,500
Armor Upgrade 40% $12,000
Armor Upgrade 60% $20,000
Armor Upgrade 80% $35,000
Armor Upgrade 100% $50,000
Brakes Stock Brakes $1,000
Street Brakes $20,000
Sport Brakes $27,000
Race Brakes $35,000
Engine EMS Upgrade, Level 1 $9,000
EMS Upgrade, Level 2 $12,500
EMS Upgrade, Level 3 $18,000
EMS Upgrade, Level 4 $33,500
Explosives Ignition Bomb $5,000
Remote Bomb $7,500
Horns Main article: Los Santos Customs/Horns -
Lights Stock Lights $600
Xenon Lights $7,500
Loss/Theft Prevention Tracker
Full Coverage
Plates Blue on White 1 $200
Blue on White 2 $200
Blue on White 3 $200
Yellow on Blue $300
Yellow on Black $600
Respray Main article: Los Santos Customs/Respray Colors -
Sell Sell Vehicle
Transmission Stock Transmission $1,000
Street Transmission $29,500
Sports Transmission $32,500
Race Transmission $40,000
Turbo None $5,000
Turbo Tuning $50,000
Wheels Main article: Los Santos Customs/Wheels -

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Grand Theft Auto Online


Special Variants

  • In GTA IV, a Faggio is requested in Stevie's Car Thefts, appearing in a unique light green paintjob. As a new Faggio will spawn in the same spot until the player delivers it, the player can keep one and deliver the other to Stevie.

Notable Owners

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Hating the Haters - When chasing the man that attacked Bernie, he gets on a Faggio and attempts to flee, while the player can get on one of the parked another one to chase. It later can be used into driving Bernie to the Perseus shop and even saving it at a parking space.


Grand Theft Auto IV

The Ballad of Gay Tony

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Grand Theft Auto Online



Grand Theft Auto IV

  • The scooter was originally named "Faggio" in Grand Theft Auto IV. However, when a classic variant of the scooter was introduced in The Ballad of Gay Tony, also named "Faggio", confusion as to why the scooter underwent a massive transformation ensued. Later in the enhanced version of GTA Online, the GTA IV "Faggio" returned, renamed the "Faggio Sport", which reveals the name of the scooter's historical appearances, while the name "Faggio" now refers to the classic scooter featured in the 3D Universe as well as GTA V. The Faggio Sport is also named "Faggio" in The Ballad of Gay Tony.
  • Although its engine shifts, it is clear that it has a CVT, like its real-world inspirations. Gear-shifting in-game is likely a developer oversight.
  • If Niko or a pedestrian remain idle on the Faggio, the idle BMX animation from Bully is used.

Grand Theft Auto V

  • The vehicle is named "FAGGION" in the files, which could stand for "Faggio New".
  • The Faggio badge on the scooter bears a resemblance to the Vespa logo.
  • Strangely, the Faggio Sport won't show up on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website if the list is filtered to "Motorcycles".


Grand Theft Auto Online

The Faggio Sport suffers from several minor quality control issues:

  • The main body shell has a "chunk" of plastic missing when looking down from the rider's position and perspective, due to mis-welded vertices.
  • Incorrect texture mapping appears on the main headlight and rear indicator casing.
  • A mirrored version of the license plate appears on the back of the rear plate.

See Also

  • Faggio - Classic counterpart, which adopts the previous name of this model.
  • Faggio Mod - Classic mod counterpart added to GTA Online within the same update.


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